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FUJITSU Software Interstage Terracotta


FUJITSU Software Interstage Terracotta BigMemory Max

Interstage Terracotta BigMemory Max is in-memory data-management software that ensures fast and reliable access to big data in real time. This product can manage more terabyte-scale data in memory for ultra-fast, reliable access and can be added to existing systems quickly to increase capacity. In addition, it can be applied to existing applications—often just by modifying a configuration file, resulting in the micro-second access.

FUJITSU Software Interstage Terracotta Web Sessions

Interstage Terracotta Web Sessions is web application session management software. Introducing this software makes it possible to manage session data with high availability, high performance and scalability without modifying any application code. It can store session data beyond the original capacity of the application.

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