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FUJITSU Software Interstage Big Data Complex Event Processing Server


High performance CEP engine

Large amounts of data collected by Smart Devices such as Smartphone, Tablet terminal and by various sensors have a common characteristic: it is updated frequently and needs to be processed in real-time.

This requires a high performance data processing platform that enables navigation of large amounts of data, but with faster response than conventional technology.

Fujitsu high-performance CEP engine enables processing of millions of events per second (*1), allowing processing of many events for business requirements with minimum server configuration.

*1 Up to 2 million events/sec on a single PRIMERGY RX300 S6 (measured by Fujitsu)

Easy and flexible rule description

Interstage Big Data Complex Event Processing Server provides an "IF-THEN-type" rule, enabling definition of rules to process event data easily, by describing simple conditions. This leads to reduced cost and time for rule definition and to analyze the event data.

If complex conditions and fine processing descriptions are required to process events data, and a simple "IF-THEN-type" rule is not suitable, a "SQL-type" description can be used.

These two types of rules can also be combined to define a single rule if necessary. This provides a flexible method to define rules needed to analyze the event data according to business requirements.