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300mm Advanced Technology and Foundry Services

We are a foundry manufacturer, with a 300mm line in Kuwana city, Mie Prefecture as our manufacturing base. We provide technologies from 90nm to 40nm.

Technology solutions

Through the technology and services we provide, together with our customers, we are contributing to the realization of the coming smart society. Through our excellent technology and our support, we realize products that support a smart society.

Wafer Plant

Our company took over inherited the Mie 300mm fab from Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited. The fab started operations in 2005.
From the beginning of operations, this fab has been mainly providing foundry services for the advanced logic LSIs, and has established manufacturing, information management, quality control, and customer support systems for the foundry business In accordance with ISO14001, we pursue "Green Fab".

Fab Information System "FF-eSERVE"

As one of Fujitsu Semiconductor wafer foundry services, Fujitsu Semiconductor offers fab information through "FF-eSERVE" system, which is a fab information system.
Any type of data is provided to satisfy customers' business through FF-eSERVE and you can acquire full of updated data of wafer process.

Shuttle Service

The Shuttle Service validates your design with a reasonable cost. Mask and wafer costs are significantly reduced by letting multiple designs share them. Try our shuttle service and realize Mie Fujitsu Semiconductor's technology and service.




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