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Environmental Activities

Fujitsu Semiconductor is working on environmental activities based on the "Green Policy 2020" midterm environmental vision of the Fujitsu Group. We are both progressing with activities such as reducing greenhouse gases and reducing wastes while also helping improve the environmental performance of our customers' products through low power consumption and small footprint eco-device solutions. We are continuing to give consideration to the environment through the entire life cycle from design and development to manufacturing, logistics, and operation. We are also expanding activities that contribute to the environment, such as afforestations programs in various regions around the world.

Environmental Policy Environmental Report ISO14001 Eco-Friendly Products Super Green Products Green Procurement [Fujitsu's Environment]

Environmental Report 2013 Top Message


Toward an environmentally friendly and strong semiconductor business

Japan has suffered economic stagnation for more than 20 years…
A renewed vitality is arriving. The government has identified agriculture, healthcare and energy as the growth industries and the Japanese economy is gradually gaining momentum beginning with those fields. Above all, I feel that the Japanese people are regaining confidence and hope.
The semiconductor industry has recently been facing an extremely harsh business environment, but... [More

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  • Environmental Considerations in Products Advanced Technology Efforts
    Developed GaN-on-Silicon based power device product.
    Realizes smaller and more energy-efficient power supplies for various applications, from home appliances and ICT equipment to automotive.

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