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Graphics Display Controllers(GDC)

Graphics Display Controllers

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Product features

In terms of house and automotive relief, safety and comfort, To provide timely the various of information, the integrated HMI has being developed increasingly to control integratedly the multiple displays. A development platform using a graphics SoC and authoring tools is well-suited for developing such HMIs.
The security camera system of Monitoring the around house and automotive is well-suited.

Integrated HMI and Around View system for Automotive

Integrated HMI and Security Camera system for Smart House

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CGI Studio

Fujitsu CGI Studio is Fujitsu's software development platform for development of hybrid 2D and 3D graphical interfaces (HMI/GUI) for Automotive Systems.
Besides the "Candera 2D" engine and the "Candera 3D" engine, Fujitsu provides a continuous tool chain (Scene Composer, Analyzer, Translator, Interaction Framework) for the development of hybrid 2D and 3D graphical interfaces.