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Custom SoCs (ASICs)

Got an Idea? Ask Fujitsu Custom SoC

Fujitsu Semiconductor High Performance Custom SoC

Watch Video Fujitsu has been applying the Takumi spirit to electronics for more than 50 years, seeking to continually improve existing products and develop new ones. Today, with our highly reliable, advanced technologies, Fujitsu is meeting the market's need for high-performance LSIs with high-speed interfaces, large-scale design, and high performance package. Besides, our co-design technology optimizes the chip, IP, and package-to-board design throughout the planning, designing, modeling and analysis stages.
Fujitsu embodies the Takumi spirit, and support your high-performance LSI project from design to delivery. Making us your partner for success.
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Press Release

Custom SoC Solution

The development of System on Chip (SoC) design is advancing rapidly with the use of different CPU cores, as well as a variety of embedded high-performance buses, high-speed IP and OS to meet today's performance requirements. At the same time, the selection of components is complicated by the large number of combinations, which also slows the development of SoC design.
To deal with this situation, Fujitsu Semiconductor has developed a custom SoC solution, which integrates our advanced device implementation and manufacturing techniques cultivated by our extensive experience with ASICs, design services, and development tool kits. With this solution, we can support the development of SoC to be mounted on our customers' products and rapidly provide high-performance and high-quality SoCs.

Fujitsu Semiconductor's
Fujitsu Semiconductor's "Custom SoC Solution"

Development Method using a Custom SoC Solution

As the development using a custom SoC solution, we provide roughly two types of development menus depending on the customer's application, development period, and budget.

Full Custom Development

Following the standard custom SoC development flow, we provide development support services such as advance software development at ESL, architecture search, reference design around the CPU, various subsystems and logic design/verification to support our customers' hardware design. We also support our customers' software development, by offering contracted development services for device drivers.

As the point of reinforcement In Fiscal 2013, we began developing and offering various subsystems that substitute some of the functions of the main CPU to allow efficient coordinated operations. A subsystem can be used to disperse the load for the main CPU or to reduce energy consumption. For details, please see the chapter for subsystems.

Platform-based Development

As an alternative to fully customized development, platform–based development can be used for applications that handle documents, image-processing and so forth. The strongly integrated evaluation kit with advance software development, verification of RTL design code and chip verification reduces the risk of development by addressing high-quality design, early startup and high performance within a reduced development schedule.

Benefits of Platform-based Development

When we adapted the platform-based development to our ASSP product, commercialization was achieved six months earlier than with the conventional design method. This rapid time-to-market was achieved by shortening the hardware design period for SoC development and by front-loading the software development period.

  • Date of receipt of ES: Six months ahead of schedule
  • Software advance development: Eight months ahead of schedule
  • Product shipping: Six months ahead of schedule


As an example of application development, the product prototype can be constructed easily by allocating necessary functions to the IPs and applications on the evaluation chip. This makes advance development of device drivers, OS mounting, and application software possible.

Application for Printer Products

Application for Image-Processing Products