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FUJITSU Software Inspirium Handwriting Recognition Library V2.0

Accurately recognizing Chinese/Japanese handwriting even in a rough way

Case studies

PANTECH Co.,Ltd adopted the product on the company's smartphone "VEGA PTL21




Some usage examples of Inspirium Handwriting Recognition Library are described below

  • Handwriting input on mobile phones
  • The user unaccustomed to key operation can easily input the title of a mail, its message, and search word with the handwriting input function on smartphones and feature phones.
  • Destination input on car navigation system or PND
  • In the case of destination kanji-name/address input on car navigation systems or PND(Personal Navigation Device), sometimes the followings occur: the kanji characters to be input are difficult to read, or the kana-kanji conversion fails to show the correct kanji characters as first candidates. Any user can input destination kanji-name/address easily with Inspirium Handwriting Recognition Library. As for Chinese language, Inspirium Handwriting Recognition Library offers handwriting of no-need-to-master input method to the users unaccustomed to pinyin-input, that is phonetic input.

  • Search by kanji characters on electronic dictionaries
  • In the case of searching the kanji characters the user doesn't know how to read or can't translate with kana-kanji conversion on electronic dictionaries, the user can input the kanji directly. Thus, the electronic dictionaries will become more user-friendly.


  • Character input interface on the digital terminals at stores and the business terminals
  • The product offers the new input method which is the alternaive to the conventional Japanese phonetic kana software keyboard. The user unaccustomed to keyboard input can easily operate the digital terminals at stores and business terminals with the product


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