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  7. Fujitsu Releases GLOVIA/SCP FA V8 Production Scheduling System

Fujitsu Limited

Fujitsu Releases GLOVIA/SCP FA V8 Production Scheduling System

- World's first PSLX platform-compatible solution linking mission-critical and management systems to reduce system configuration costs and time by 50% -

Tokyo, November 17, 2009 — Fujitsu today announced the availability of GLOVIA/SCP FA V8, a production scheduling system for the Japanese manufacturing industry that manages mission-critical systems and the production schedules of on-site manufacturing systems.

The new system enables customers to link production schedules generated by their mission-critical systems with manufacturing plans produced using manufacturing management systems, allowing efficient operations of on-site production lines, as well as optimal use of inventory.

This service is the first in the world to include data communication functionality compatible with the PSLX platform(1), which was developed with the goal of flexibly tying together numerous package products. This allows customers to reduce the costs and time required to configure a system connecting their mission-critical business systems with their manufacturing management systems by half. The service was developed by Fujitsu Advanced Engineering Limited which has extensive experience in developing systems in the area of production scheduling.


For some time now, companies in the manufacturing industry have been deploying production scheduling systems to reduce inefficiencies in overproduction and stock. A production scheduling system takes the daily schedule from an ERP(2) system and creates down-to-the-second, detailed records that are necessary on-site while taking into consideration the various limitations involving the production facilities and setup. However, when deploying these production scheduling systems, it is essential to construct links between the system data from various systems including ERP and MES(3).

In lieu of this, Fujitsu is releasing GLOVIA/SCP FA(4) V8, a production scheduling system for the manufacturing industry that can flexibly handle multiple package products while minimizing the inefficiencies.

Service Features

  1. High-performance scheduling functionality
    The system takes into consideration various manufacturing limitations, such as restrictions in personnel, materials, and methodology. Through Gantt charts, workload graphs and spreadsheets, the finished plans can be thoroughly assessed and adjusted from various perspectives.
  2. World's first system compatible with the PSLX platform
    The system is the first in the world to offer data connection functionality that is compatible with the PSLX platform. After the mission-critical business systems generate production schedules, the system transmits these operational orders across the PSLX platform to the manufacturing management system. Compared to previous system architectures linking data between mission-critical and manufacturing management systems, this service significantly reduces configuration costs and time.

Pricing and Availability

Service Name Pricing (excluding tax) Availability in Japan
GLOVIA/SCP FA V8 APS 4.7 million JPY Available now
GLOVIA/SCP FA V8 Scheduler 3 million JPY Available now

Glossary and Notes

PSLX platform:
Planning and Scheduling Language on XML specification. IT infrastructure provided by the PSLX consortium that links various business application software packages on-site.
Enterprise Resource Planning. A concept for maintaining operational efficiency by managing the overall company through the effective integration of its operational resources.
Manufacturing Execution System. A system that monitors and manages factory machinery and employee labor through linkages to various parts of a factory's production line.
Fujitsu's production scheduling package.

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