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  7. Fujitsu Launches New Line of Transport Support Solutions

Fujitsu Limited

Fujitsu Launches New Line of Transport Support Solutions

- Helping businesses make their trucking operations more environmentally friendly -

Tokyo, November 5, 2009 — Fujitsu and Transtron Inc. today announced the launch of a new line of Mobile Tracer DTS-B1 in-vehicle data loggers with built-in wireless communications as a part of the transport support solutions offered by Fujitsu for the trucking industry in Japan.

The Mobile Tracer DTS-B1 logs speed, routes and other driving data information based on such factors as engine revolutions, and wirelessly transmits the information to a central office in real time. This dispenses with the need to install government-approved software, as with the digital tachograph (a vehicle terminal approved by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport), thus streamlining the installation process and making deployment easier in vehicles used for delivery and commercial purposes.

As well, this system eliminates the information retrieval process involved with data logger memory cards and enables faster improvements to vehicle fuel consumption as well as helps to reduce the environmental footprint of the transport business.

The new product links with Fujitsu's TRIAS-TR/E&S, which employs a barometer measuring fuel-efficient driving, helping companies to not only maintain safe driving, but reduce CO2 emissions involved with driving as well.

For some years now, the truck-based transport industry and businesses using fleet vehicles have been looking for ways to reduce their fuel costs and environmental footprints. Fujitsu has responded to this need by offering a transport support solution that provides comprehensive assistance for raising the quality of commercial driving. The new offering from Fujitsu and Transtron will allow businesses to take advantage of wireless communications to collect and analyze driving information in a timely manner, enabling them to reduce the burden their operations impose on the environment.

Key Features of the Mobile Tracer DTS-B1

Mobile Tracer DTS-B1

Larger View

  1. Collects and analyzes driving data information in real time
    Using wireless networks, the central office can collect driving data in real time and track a vehicle's position to encourage more efficient driving.
  2. Cardless all-in-one model is easy to install and operate
    The system is easy to operate as it eliminates the need of employing a memory card to register driving data information at the start and end of driving operations. Moreover, the control panel is integrated into the main unit, so it needs no external control unit.

Benefits of Linking with TRIAS-TR/E&S

The new product links with Fujitsu's new assessment system TRIAS-TR/E&S, to help visualize safe and environmentally friendly driving conditions for more comprehensive understanding. Additionally, when used with the Mobile Tracer DTS-B1, businesses can see even greater improvements in safe driving.

  1. Fewer accidents through safe driving
    By taking such precautions as keeping a safe driving distance between their car and the other cars around them, drivers can prevent collisions.
  2. Reduced CO2 emissions and fuel costs through enhanced fuel consumption
    Safer driving also means avoiding high speeds and sudden stops, both of which are wasteful driving habits that burn fuel needlessly. Not only does efficient driving reduce fuel consumption, it can also reduce insurance rates and maintenance as well. Second-by-second driving data can be used to display an ideal speed curve, which can be compared to actual driving information to help visualize safe and environmentally friendly driving habits.

Mobile Tracer DTS-B1

Pricing and Availability

Product MSRP (excluding tax) Availability (Orders) Shipment
DTS-B1 main unit package JPY 214,000 Available now 3 months after order
Related Product: TRIAS/TR-Server
TRIAS/TR-Server main unit JPY 2.5 million Available now Immediate
TRIAS/TR-Server mobile option JPY 3 million Available now Immediate
TRIAS/TR-Server DTS link optional communications interface JPY 12,000 (per-vehicle license) Dec. 2009 Dec. 2009
TRIAS/TR-E&S JPY 10,000 (per-vehicle license) Available now Immediate

Sales Targets

10,000 units over the next three years (DTS-B1 units)

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