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Hybrid IT – Software-Defined Connected Infrastructure

The 'FUJITSU Intelligent Networking and Computing Architecture' is a new architecture for next generation ICT infrastructure. Fujitsu plans to release products that will conform to this architecture across various areas of technology.

Services, Products and Solutions


Managed Infrastructure Services

Fujitsu's Managed Infrastructure Services provides a cost effective, reliable and flexible ICT infrastructure to customers. This infrastructure may be owned by the customer or Fujitsu on their behalf. Our services comprise Data Center Services, End User Services, Service Desk, Technical Support Services, Infrastructure as a Service, and Network and Communication.

Network and Communications

Fujitsu's network services for inter-site communications, deliver a carrier-class network infrastructure combining cost competitiveness and security with high performance. (For a full description, please see the 'Mobile' section.)

  • Global WAN Services
    Fujitsu Wide Area Network (WAN) provides global connectivity. This includes Managed WAN, Managed Virtual Private Networks, Managed Wavelength and Managed Firewall Services together with Campus LAN Distributed LAN services.



The penetration of broadband networks has led to an increase of digitalized data flowing through networks. As a result, a variety of services are now provided over networks, such as IP telephony and video distribution services. As next-generation networks become increasingly important to society, network infrastructure has become large and complex. This has created a host of crucial issues for service providers. Issues include network operation and management and problem resolution methods, in addition to quality assurance for network services and infrastructure operation and management. To solve these issues, Fujitsu provides network service management software that enables operation and management and quality assurance for next-generation networks.

Network Service Management Software for Telecom Carrier
  • FUJITSU Network Proactnes series
  • FUJITSU Network Netsmart series
Network Service Management Software for Enterprise
Dynamic Resource Management Software
  • FUJITSU Software ServerView Resource Orchestrator
Network Operation and Management Software
  • FUJITSU Software Systemwalker Network Manager
  • FUJITSU Software Systemwalker Network Assist
  • FUJITSU Managed Network Operating System
Network Service Management Software
  • FUJITSU Software Systemwalker Service Quality Coordinator
Network Virtualization Software
  • Midokura Enterprise MidoNet
  • Fujitsu ServerView Infrastructure Manager


Fujitsu supplies a comprehensive range of network products, including communications systems for carriers and network devices for enterprises. The former constitutes the backbone of our ICT-driven society, such as core networks, metro networks, and access networks. The latter is used to integrate internal networks within enterprises.

SDN/NFV related Software
  • FUJITSU Network Virtuora series
Blade type Network System
  • FUJITSU Network 1FINITY series
High-end Router
  • Fujitsu and Cisco CSR series
  • Fujitsu and Cisco XR12000 series
Optical Network System
  • FUJITSU Network FLASHWAVE series
Radio Access Network System
  • FUJITSU Network BroadOne series
  • FUJITSU Network FRX series
LAN Switch
  • Wireless LANs
  • Software Defined WANs
  • Low Power WANs
  • Personal Area Networks
Bandwidth Control
Load Balancer
IP Telephony
Unified Communication
Video Conferencing / Bridges

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Fujitsu's Broad Portfolio for Connected Services 


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