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Hybrid IT - Cloud

Cloud offers obvious agility, speed and cost efficiency advantages and has grown from an emerging trend to becoming part of the standard IT services delivery model for many organizations today.

However by blending the best of cloud powered and on premise IT, the balance that large organizations seek is the balance that Hybrid IT delivers. Fujitsu's Hybrid IT provides the perfect balance that is the foundation of our digital services, delivered in a range of styles to meet customers' needs for security, data regulation and business agility.

Hybrid IT improves business productivity in some obvious ways e.g. enhancing business user mobility by making applications and information available across time, space and devices. But there are other ways in which productivity improves as well. For example, creating an optimal balance between empowering end users to order and manage their own portfolio of IT services whilst retaining sufficient operational and governance control.
Our approach to delivering Hybrid IT service further drives productivity gains by providing management of multiple cloud services, contracts and relationships. A simplified standard contract allows organizations access to multiple cloud platforms through a single document. Our ability to provide end to end managed networks and high performance connectivity further frees up the customer's internal IT organization to focus on business innovation, not on managing IT complexity.

Technology and Services Enabling Hybrid IT

As a core element of Fujitsu's MetaArc , the FUJITSU Cloud Service K5 enables Hybrid IT . K5 is the world's largest Open-Stack based cloud platform, and open technology allows K5 to connect easily with other clouds. To meet the varied cloud needs of customers, K5 and Fujitsu's private cloud infrastructure PRIMEFLEX apply unified architecture to offer the full range of cloud options from on-premise private cloud to public cloud.

In addition to Infrastructure as a Service, K5 provides various Platform as a Service offerings. For example, the Platform Service modernizes and transforms legacy applications to more flexibly and resiliently support the migration to cloud of mission critical systems. The Application Service based on the Cloud Foundry allows customer to develop applications, which can then be published via the API Management Service. K5 is a key enabler of Connected Services. On top of K5 , many services are developed and connected, enabling new value to be created. Using Fujitsu data centers and global delivery centers worldwide, K5 delivers IaaS and PaaS Services consistently across the globe.

Hybrid IT combines a range of public clouds with on-premise systems. Therefore, it is important to safely, optimally and flexibly connect the public cloud, on-premise systems and devices, via the internet and mobile networks. Networks play a very important role in achieving this. Fujitsu provides a range of network products and services, which enables the rapid establishment of the appropriate network architecture for the server virtualization environment, and that can flexibly responds to the requirements of systems development activities and modifications.

Services, Products and Solutions



Fujitsu Cloud Service K5

FUJITSU Cloud Service K5 is our next generation cloud platform. FUJITSU Cloud Service K5 combines the value of open source technologies and Fujitsu's expertise and experience. The integrated Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) functionality supports both robust IT and fast IT through the same platform. FUJITSU Cloud Service K5 is a single standard platform which is available globally – it is based on a common architecture and can flexibly be deployed as private or public cloud, on premise or in a Fujitsu data center. FUJITSU Cloud Service K5 is based on OpenStack for IaaS and CloudFoundry ™ and Fujitsu own-IP for the PaaS capability. The use of Open Source ensures speed of innovation, avoids vendor lock-in and delivers cost efficiencies.

K5 offers a single enterprise cloud platform to simplify digital business transformation. Fujitsu Cloud Service K5 is specifically created to enable efficient, easy and cost effective enterprise level digital transformation. The benefits of K5 include:

  • a universal platform, consolidating workloads to increase operational efficiency
  • an open platform, maximizing interoperability
  • integration of legacy systems with new technology, saving money
  • enterprise-class - 99.99% availability and performance predictability across the technology stack

K5 supports OpenStack ™, VMware ™ and Bare Metal ™, and is the platform of choice for a broad range of IT services. Our highly flexible platform includes network, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS). Unlike other vendors typically offering cloud services in collaboration with third-party partners, we deliver our end-to-end enterprise cloud services using our in-house expertise and knowledge. We give you the technologies, tools, services and partnerships customers need to support digitalization and modernization across your entire organization.

With Fujitsu Cloud Service K5, customers can modernize, become digitally enabled and transform your existing IT environment. You can integrate your legacy systems with enterprise cloud solutions, to get value out of your existing IT investment while taking advantage of new technology.

The integrated Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) functionality supports both robust IT and fast IT through the same platform. Fujitsu is adding enterprise-grade features to OpenStack which makes Fujitsu Cloud Service K5 an ideal platform of choice for mission-critical systems.

Hybrid IT Transformation service

Fujitsu Hybrid IT Transformation services enable organizations to transform their traditional data center based IT systems into a more efficient and agile hybrid environment.

This service enables detailed analysis and planning that a client will need to transform traditional DC based IT into a Hybrid IT model, delivering a definitive list of DC assets to consider, a projection of the future provisioning environment, a transformation plan, and (if requested) an ROI.

Typical target clients will be considering whether or how to consolidate or rationalize DCs, they would need their IT to be more agile so that they can accommodate mergers, acquisitions or divestitures, in addition, they would want their IT to become more responsive so that they can speed up their time to market; many would want to combat Shadow IT, or be interested in moving to OPEX based IT operations to simplify their internal billing.

Our Hybrid IT Transformation – Implement service takes the output of the assessment and planning, provided by the Hybrid IT Transformation – Blueprint service, and uses this information to execute a risk-managed transformation of your client's DC environment into a mix of public cloud, private cloud or optimized hosting. We take full end-to end responsibility for migrating the targeted workloads and ensure that end-to-end business systems remain running with the minimum interruptions whilst the migration is on-going. We are also able to decommission the source systems once the migration of the workloads and the go-live is complete.

Hybrid IT Managed Services

Hybrid IT Managed Service enables the customers journey to digital, managing the complexity of Cloud in providing proactive management of business services. Fujitsu Hybrid IT Managed Service provides expert day-to-day operational management of services deployed to the cloud, helping customers run their business by ensuring the mission critical IT services they depend on are available when they need them, but still delivered using the agility and utility consumption model of cloud. We support the modernization of legacy resources and the transformation of systems to assure business agility with Elastic Application Works and provide Cloud Foundry ™ for fast development and deployment of cloud-native applications. With extensive Web API management we allow the easy modernization of existing backbone legacy systems.

  • Fujitsu Cloud PaaS RunMyProcess
    Fujitsu RunMyProcess is a unique cloud platform that enables hundreds of leading companies in over 45 countries to remove the technology barriers to digital transformation. This innovative platform empowers enterprises to rapidly create, deploy and distribute highly customized enterprise and mobile business applications designed to meet their specific needs - unifying user experiences, connecting information systems, accelerating time to value and enabling digital scale.
  • Fujitsu Cloud Enablement Services
    This provides a platform with standard functions needed to build and operate a customer's SaaS, such as an enterprise app store, ID management and authentication and subscriptions and fees. This service let companies focus on developing and operating the applications and packages that are at the core of their business, increasing their productivity and dramatically speeding up the process of launching a SaaS.
Hybrid IT Service Orchestration

Orchestration provides the aggregation, connectivity and unification of services that businesses need to realize the full value of Hybrid IT. It provides organizations with a single, seamless solution for managing both traditional IT and all the new cloud services they're rapidly adopting. It helps you retake control of their environment today, and ensure you retain that control as changes happen in the future.

Only by bringing everything in your Hybrid IT environment together you can achieve true, complete cohesion between all elements. That's why Fujitsu focuses on six distinct areas of enterprise orchestration of: service, technical, supplier, process, security and compliance.

No matter what area of orchestration you need help with, 'Fujitsu Orchestration Multi Cloud management' services encompass everything – from the technical layer right up to the service and business layer. We help ensure that once you take control of the environment, you can start getting the maximum value from it immediately.

Data Center Services

Fujitsu's Data Center Services provide our customers with the complete range of services to ensure their IT systems are fully operational for their users as well as to improve their IT flexibility, efficiency, performance and to reduce their costs.

Managed Hosting – cloud and non-cloud systems

We provide a range of managed hosting services to meet your specific business needs. These cover every aspect of implementation and management for your compute and storage environment, including platform and directory services, infrastructure applications and database environment. Each service offers a range of options to allow you to select the package that is right for your business.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Fujitsu offers implementation, configuration and integration services to support the delivery of market leading SaaS solutions including ServiceNow, Salesforce. com and Microsoft Office 365.


Integrated Systems

Private Cloud Infrastructures

Fujitsu offers a range of options for quickly building and scaling private clouds and hybrid clouds. The pre-integrated IT infrastructure solutions combine high-performance and energy-efficient hardware, a holistic operating environment, an optimized deployment service together with a comprehensive professional service portfolio to reduce complexity in design, build and operation of private cloud infrastructures.

  • FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for VMware Cloud Foundation
    This solution is a ready-to-run software-defined data center with virtualized compute, storage and network resources, based on a hyper-converged architecture. It is optimized to reduce complexity in the design and build phase of a VMware-based SDDC environment – and at a significantly lower cost compared with do-it-yourself approaches.
  • PRIMEFLEX vShape
    PRIMEFLEX vShape is a virtual infrastructure solution, giving customers choice in terms of size (from 25 to 2,400 virtual machines), in terms of virtualization technology (either VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V) and in terms of external storage (FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS or NetApp storage). The built-in network switches come from Brocade. The optional VMware Horizon software makes PRIMEFLEX vShape a solid foundation for virtual desktops. By adding the VMware vRealize option to a VMware-based PRIMEFLEX vShape, the virtual infrastructure turns into a private cloud infrastructure. All hardware and software components are ideally harmonized and validated as a single solution. PRIMEFLEX vShape reduces integration and implementation time and risks of building virtual infrastructures.
  • FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for OpenStack
    In order to reduce the various risks that can impact time-lines and budgets in the implementation phase of a complex private cloud project based on OpenStack, Fujitsu developed a converged infrastructure for OpenStack private cloud IaaS deployments, giving customers the choice to either use Red Hat OpenStack Platform or SUSE OpenStack Cloud. FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for OpenStack provides an enterprise hardened OpenStack platform and combines a high-performance and energy-efficient Fujitsu / Brocade hardware stack, OpenStack software from market leaders, one-stop support and a comprehensive professional service portfolio–all in one package. PRIMEFLEX for OpenStack is the most reliable way to deploy a highly flexible, open and cost-effective OpenStack private cloud IaaS platform.
  • Servers:
    No Hybrid IT environment, no cloud solution can work without a powerful basis: FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY not only is the basis for our own FUJITSU Cloud Service K5 offering, but can be the hardware part of any hybrid IT environment. Select from RX rack-optimized servers or built on powerful, multi-modular CX scale-out systems. Even TX tower servers can be an on-site hardware sister to the big brother "cloud".

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