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Co-creating Digital Business

Growth delivered by digital

In our survey, Some business leaders cited "digital contributed to increasing revenues" and "their customer relationships improved as a result of digital". This finding has big implications for business.

The top priority of CEOs is business growth. Multiple factors influence how organizations grow. But if we need to pick up the most relevant, they are better customer intimacy, operational excellence and innovative product and service, and the ability of transforming the business model.

Today, every business is becoming a technology company. Organizations are embedding digital technology into their core value-generation processes. These encompass customer-facing, R&D, manufacturing, logistics and more. Digital technology has three transformational forces: Intelligence, Connectivity and Customer-orientation. We believe the successful companies in the future will design their business models factoring these in.

Everything from the customer's viewpoint

Digital demands us to shift our viewpoint from supply-side to customer-side, delivering truly personalized customer experience.

Read a case study in the retail industry

S Group / ABC Petrol
"Co-creation of an innovative payment application that connects with existing software"

Connectivity changes the way of business

For business transformation, it is crucial to connect internal operations and connect external partners.

Read a case study in the manufacturing industry

INESA (Group) Co., Ltd.
"Evolution toward a true Smart Factory has begun"

Intelligence makes a difference

AI is learning from large volumes of data, generating unique insights.

Read a case study in the financial industry

Fukuoka Financial Group, Inc. /
iBank marketing Co., Ltd.
"Driving ecosystem-based businesses harnessing Fintech to attract younger customers"

Transformation toward Digital Arenas

The forces of digital are transforming industries into organically shaped digital ecosystems. Multiple organizations coming together across different industries co-create new value delivering experience tailored to individual customers and greater outcomes. We call these Digital Arenas.

Digital will blur industry borders. It is therefore important to look at adjacent industries and how they could be involved in co-creating joint value and customer experience, and how you position your products and services in a Digital Arena.

Digital Co-creation

Organizations must see co-creation as extending value-creation out beyond their traditional boundaries. Digital Co-creation is a journey. But it is easy to get lost. It requires leadership and organizational commitment.
How can you approach digital co-creation to deliver successful digital transformation?

The first step is to think about your disruptive vision. It is important to evaluate what disruptive impacts the forces of digital will give to your industries and your business as well as the opportunities they will create.
The second step is to think about how you change your business model by leveraging a Digital Arena to orient your products and services around each of your customer's unique needs.
And the third step is to implement your digital business architecture that enables you to achieve it.

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