Our Expert Talks or Co-Creation Workshops will allow a deep dive into a special topic. Each slot will take about 45 minutes and will be an interactive session with an Fujitsu expert. To register please click here

Intelligent Mobility 2025: The digital future of Transportation

Innovation and new business models are changing the way people think about travel and transport. Services like autonomous vehicles and ride sharing will accelerate the move away from personal transport ownership towards viewing mobility as a service to be consumed by passengers. Through Hyperconnectivity and Intelligent Mobility solutions, Fujitsu is helping transport organisations and passengers to embrace new services that will deliver the next generation of travel.

Co-creating the digital factory

Manufacturing is about culture as well as technology. The new era of manufacturing is about more than technology. It’s about the culture of organizations, and how they digitally transform their business. Industry 4.0 goes beyond investing in machines and digital technologies, it demands new ways of working and innovative business models. Machines will be talking to other machines far more in the future, but it’s vital that people do as much talking or the project will fail.

When considering your Next Generation Service Desk, exactly who is it that needs to be upskilled?

Many of today’s workers are always connected and technology services are instant and available everywhere. When it comes to teaching people about the concept of getting support for themselves via an integrated self-service, we need to place our focus on Business IT, to help them ask the right questions and deliver relevant services that people want to consume.


Users are demanding more and more flexibility to work when and where they need to, with the apps and services that make them most productive. Our Unique platform to Manage Desktop and Applications has been designed from scratch to be a Multi-Tenant Cloud infrastructure, providing an outstanding User Experience, Self Service and Low Cost prices.

Become a truly hyperconnected business

Hyperconnectivity is enabling people, information and things to come together in unique ways that are fundamentally changing business and society. Transforming your organization to a truly hyperconnected business will allow you to see more, predict rather than react, act fast, unlock new ways to create value, and optimize everything, overall enabling you to thrive in the digital world. This interactive session will illustrate through real life examples how Fujitsu can help you become a Hyperconnected Business of the 21st century. We will provide advice on how to manage and take advantage of the billions of extra things that will be connected.

Human Centric Innovation: Digital Co-Creation to Intelligent Mobility 2025

It is all about future Customer´s Expectations in the New Digital Aera. Latest Bitkom Poll in "Car-County" Germany has clearly shown what the citizen expects from technologies like AI. The "user" is expecting first and prior less traffic jam, travel safety on the road and better Services around the journey. The "worker" fears to be replaced by robots and wanted to know what role in the AI supported work process an human plays to be paid. Mobility, if it´s as "user" or "worker" plays a significant role, Fujitsu is able to show concrete solutions and willingly to Co-Create with the Industry Business Models to be created.

Biometric-as-a-Service: Secure and convenient biometric authentication for smartphones

Finding a secure way to logon any application like e.g. online banking via mobile in a convenient and secure way. Fujitsu launched it's Biometric-as-a-Service solution powered by ImageWare Systems GoVerify ID to enable customers to a highly secure multi modal biometric authentication via mobile phone.

Open, adaptable, scalable optical networks

Disaggregation is the key to open, agile, plug-and-play networking. It supports ecosystem based innovation and multi-sourcing. Open networking makes operations simpler, improves service velocity and reduces costs.

Integration needs & end-to-end connectivity today and tomorrow

5G services demand a unique integration of end-to-end connectivity across multiple technology domains. True application aware connectivity must be agnostic and adaptive to wireless, wireline and/or cloud transport.

Trusted communities and secure information exchange in the 5G world

The 5G network vision is the realization of secure information exchange between trusted communities. Powered by a software driven automation environment with an open platform for multi-vendor collaboration, it enables digital services that seamlessly deliver value to customers.