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TIS Inc.

TIS Inc. chooses Fujitsu’s Blade servers for internal control assurance, sales process innovation and future growth.

TIS Inc.TIS Inc.

TIS Inc. (TIS), an industry-leading independent systems integrator, has adopted the great scale-out ability of Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX620 S3 Blade systems, to accommodate future company growth. With an n : 1 redundant configuration and SAN boot environment, the newly deployed system provides the highest levels of availability.


  • Industry
    System Integration
  • Hardware
    PRIMERGY BX620 S3 Blade Server
    PRIMERGY RX300 S3 Rack-mount Server
    PRIMEQUEST 520 mission-critical Server
    ETERNUS 4000 model 300 storage device
  • Software
    Systemwalker Resource Coordinator
    Systemwalker Centric Manager

“TIS looked for a trusted partner who could help us complete the time-limited cutover without compromising our critical system requirements. As TIS did not have sufficient resources, Fujitsu’s comprehensive offerings, including engineering support gave us confidence that Fujitsu would do a great job in providing what we needed.”

Systems integrator TIS, is active in providing the very best in optimized solutions to its clients. The company needed to reconfigure its sales process support system to meet rapidly growing needs in internal control response and sales process innovation. For its new system, TIS chose to adopt Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX620 S3 Blade servers that could accommodate the company’s future growth. Deploying a SAN boot environment would also provide the high availability needed to ensure enterprise applications stayed up and running. TIS and Fujitsu also worked together to accomplish the cutover before the approaching deadline.

Installation Background

TIS facing increasing compliance requirements, effectiveness and efficiency issues, in its sales processes

Mr. Tsuneyoshi Ito, Head of Business Administration Office Corporate Planning Division, TIS Inc.Mr. Tsuneyoshi Ito, Head of Business Administration Office Corporate Planning Division, TIS Inc.

As a leader in the ever-evolving IT industry, TIS Inc. has continued to grow based on its business philosophy “Pursuing optimum solutions for clients.” Using its distinct innovative advantages and technical know-how, the company strives to provide the very best solutions and build ideal IT environments for customers, across a wide variety of sectors, including financiers, manufacturers, retailers, etc. TIS has also been successfully enhancing its global organizational structure, mainly focusing on China and Vietnam. In order to meet diverse demands in an ever-changing marketplace, TIS, as a best-practice IT solutions partner, always tries to resolve customers’ IT problems by creating new business models using its consultation capability.

Recently, TIS has been dedicating itself to helping companies with internal control requirements. Without exception, increasing internal controls have become an inevitable issue for TIS itself. In particular, compliance with Japanese internal control requirements and correspondence to the accounting standards required of information services providers. Due to its rapid growth, administrative work at TIS was continually increasing, with the company struggling with inefficiency issues in its sales process.

“With our previous sales process, we were required to create a report each time we wanted to proceed and then obtain management approval. If the approvers were out of office or busy, our workflow just stuck there. It was obvious, without developing an effective and efficient process we would not be able to be responsive to our customers. In the near future, the situation would become worse, after internal controls were put in place, as complying with the new requirements would generate extra procedures. This ultimately would take even longer to submit quotations to customers,” states Tsuneyoshi Ito, Head of Business Administration Office, Corporate Planning Division, TIS Inc.

TIS decided to implement a new system that would support sales process innovation and started looking for a solution to accommodate internal control assurance and improve sales process efficiency. They were already at the end of 2006 and their deadline date was fast approaching.

The Fujitsu Offer

Comprehensive support from Fujitsu enabled time-limited cutover

Mr. Takashi Okamoto, Chief Examiner Financial Systems Division Financial Card Business Group, TIS Inc.Mr. Takashi Okamoto, Chief Examiner Financial Systems Division Financial Card Business Group, TIS Inc.  

“TIS had two main objectives when we decided to implement a new system; maintain audit trails and improve sales department administrative work efficiency. Basically, we planed to improve our workflow by consolidating administrative functions. We also wanted to automate risk management for internal control-related matters to create an efficient process. Automated management also would make it possible to reduce the need to hire more employees when the internal controls are put in place, which would cause separation of duties, one of the most costly concepts of internal controls,” says Ito.

First of all, TIS needed to consolidate the administrative tasks previously performed by each individual system and then build unified management of the company’s important evidence records. Creating a time-saving sales process was also essential in helping sales staff focus on more important tasks. “For example, creating guidance to help the sales process can save sales staff time as they don’t need to consult manuals. It also reduces the possibility of mistakes and the risks that brings. We also planned to make it possible for order and acceptance forms to be viewed as images, at any time, enabling sales staff to quickly prepare for any audits,” Ito continues.

At that time, TIS had a well-defined set of system requirements for achieving the initial objectives. According to Takashi Okamoto, a Chief Examiner in the Financial Systems Division within the Financial Card Business Group at TIS, “Most importantly, the system had to be up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to support the enterprise applications. In addition, fast response had to be ensured to support day-to-day use, and scalability was required to accommodate future growth in the company. Based on those requirements, we expected to deploy the new system in an affordable manner and to achieve a reduction in TCO.”

Mr. Katsuya Oyama, Financial Systems Division Financial Card Business Group, TIS Inc.Mr. Katsuya Oyama, Financial Systems Division Financial Card Business Group, TIS Inc.  

In addition to their system requirements, TIS had another critical issue to be resolved; a strict time limit. “As we needed to comply with government-mandated regulatory requirements, the deadline of March 2008 would become the most important and the most difficult issue. There was absolutely no way that we could miss that deadline. TIS looked for a trusted partner who could help us complete the time-limited cutover without compromising our critical system requirements. As TIS did not have sufficient resources, Fujitsu’s comprehensive offerings, including engineering support gave us the confidence that Fujitsu would do a great job in providing what we needed,” states Okamoto.

Katsuya Oyama, also from the Financial Systems Department adds, “I believed Fujitsu’s comprehensive solutions’ know-how would be a huge help in saving time and making it faster to revamp our system. Besides, Fujitsu has extensive experience in support services, including support of Red Hat Linux. Taking all those benefits into consideration, we thought Fujitsu was the one that we could work with.”

Configured System

TIS achieves infrastructure optimization while reducing TCO

TIS chose to adopt Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX620 S3 Blade servers as the core infrastructure of the company’s new system. “In addition to their space-saving form factor, blade servers had scale-out capability, while ensuring a reduction in system running costs. The SAN-connected storage device could be shared by each individual blade, providing dynamic resource utilization. For the new system, TIS implemented a SAN boot environment to achieve n:1 redundancy that addressed our mission-critical requirements in an affordable manner,” Oyama says.

“TIS also considered and installed Fujitsu’s infrastructure management software; Systemwalker Resource Coordinator and Systemwalker Centric Manager. This enables switchover capability in the n:1 redundant configuration. The integrated management tools have great ability to detect failures both in hardware and applications and take a proactive approach to ensuring prompt switchover in the event of a system failure,” continues Oyama.

Along with the PRIMERGY servers, TIS adopted a Fujitsu IPCOM S2200 network server acts both as a firewall and a load balancer, enabling TIS to save costs. For its database server, TIS turned to Fujitsu PRIMEQUEST, an Intel®-architecture ultra-reliable server that features vertical scalability (scale-up), mirror redundancy and clustering. For storage, TIS selected a Fujitsu ETERNUS 4000 model 300. This storage device has the ensured capability of high-speed backup, addressing one of TIS's requirements of storing three years of data on disk so that the stored data can be retrieved at any time. In addition, Fujitsu's automation software suite significantly reduces manual processing and the time and costs required for system management. A job scheduling tool, Systemwalker Operation Manager, automates batch processing and backup. Systemwalker Centric Manager automates server monitoring functions and provide the ability to automatically deliver error messages; while Fujitsu Systemwalker Resource Coordinator provides an automated switchover capability.

Configured platforms

Future Scenarios

TIS is planning to take another approach to achieve infrastructure optimization across the entire organization

With support from Fujitsu, TIS started revamping its sales department system in May 2007, with the planned new system scheduled to go into production in March 2008. At time of writing[28th Feb 2008], testing of the new infrastructure has already been completed, and TIS is entering the final phase to conduct tests on the new applications. The new sales process system, working with financial systems, sales management systems and profit management systems, is designed to build a unified management structure that allows TIS to maintain audit trails and records consistently. The new system will be a huge help in speeding up the sales and decision-making processes, making it possible for TIS to be much more responsive to customers.

“TIS selected Fujitsu platforms and we expect the adopted products will be supported over five years. We highly recognize Fujitsu products in terms of reliability, high-performance, support services and succession. Fujitsu did much to help us improve our IT system, and we would like to ask their continuing cooperation and support in the future, too. As IT professionals in the industry, TIS believes that we can establish a trusted relationship with Fujitsu and hope that business relationship will last for a long time,” Okamoto says indicating his expectations.

Ito explains the system expansion plans of the company, “TIS is now planning to implement similar systems in our group companies. IT system renovation this time in our sales department is part of company-wide initiatives to accomplish infrastructure optimization across the entire organization. TIS will keep working hard to create innovative and optimized business processes not only for each department but for the entire company.”

About TIS Inc.

Headquarters: TIS Takeshiba Building, 14-5, Kaigan 1-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-8624, JAPAN
Founded : April 28, 1971
Capital stock: 23,088 million Japanese yen (As of March 31, 2007)
Employees: 8,693 (including consolidated subsidiaries, as of March 31, 2007)
Revenue: 211.6 billion Japanese yen (Consolidated revenue, as of March 2007)
Nature of business: System Integration (IT consulting, software development, outsourcing, solutions)
Company website :

Originally published: 29-February-2008, in Japanese.
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  • Japan


  • Needed to resolve emerging compliance issues and improve sales process within a strict time limit.
  • Needed to deploy a non-intrusive system for the company’s internal settlement system.
  • Needed to implement new platforms that can accommodate future growth.


  • Comprehensive support from Fujitsu, including engineering support made it possible to complete the time-limited cutover.
  • An n : 1 redundant configuration in a SAN boot environment improved system availability at an affordable price.
  • Adoption of blade servers provided great capability to scale-out while minimizing TCO.