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Corporate Advertisement: Fujitsu and Your Lifestyle Series

Making life more comfortable and convenient. Making our communities safer and more secure. Fujitsu's technologies are always ready to support you and can be found everywhere. Here, we introduce you to some of Fujitsu's technologies that support individuals as well as public infrastructure every day.

Medical Care (Finland)

This film shows how Fujitsu's most advanced ICT continues to protect your health. Through our groundbreaking technologies, we ensure you receive prompt and appropriate medical treatment whenever, and wherever, you are in need.

Watch videos and read more about Medical Care (Finland)

Fire Defense (Japan)

To respond to the desire for a safe and peaceful life by providing a reliable information network.
Fujitsu's ICT will continue to watch over your community.

Watch videos and read more about Fire Defense (Japan)

The Weather (Japan)

The weather affects everyone. That is why the most accurate information must always be available. As always, Fujitsu's ICT is helping to deliver the weather forecast to you.

Watch videos and read more about The Weather (Japan)

The Universe (Hawaii)

What's out there in the universe? Mankind has always been trying to solve the mysteries of the universe. Fujitsu is using the Subaru optical infrared telescope to find the answers. As always, Fujitsu's technologies are being put to good use to connect you with the universe.

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