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Environmental Data

Disclosing Data Pertaining to Environmental Activities by the Fujitsu Group

In order to ensure accuracy and transparency, the main environmental data released by the Fujitsu Group are reviewed by a third party every year. In FY2015, our environmental data were reviewed by Bureau Veritas Japan Co., Ltd.


Solutions, Services and Products

  • Solutions and Services
    • Amount of Contribution to Reducing Emissions of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) through the Provision of ICT
  • Products
    • Amount of Contribution to Reducing CO2 Emissions in Use of Sold Products
    • Trends in Resource Reuse Rate of End-of-Life Business ICT Products

Our Business Operations

  • Global Warming Prevention
    • Greenhouse Gas Emissions
    • Energy Usage
    • CO2 emission from Transport
    • GHG Emissions Report Based on GHG Protocol Standards
  • Waste
    • Amount of Waste Generated and Effective Utilization Ratio
    • Breakdown of Waste Generated, Effective Utilization, and Final Disposal
  • Water
    • Water Usage and Amount of Recycled Water
  • Chemical Substance
    • Chemical Substances Emissions
  • Soil and Groundwater
    • Business Sites Where Soil or Groundwater Contamination Has Been Found

Social Activities

Independent Verification Report