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History Zone

History Zone Exhibits

History Zone Exhibits

1. Japan Adopts Fuji-Type Telephone Set

2. Relay-type Automatic Computer

3. Toshio Ikeda, A Pioneer of Japan's Computer

4. Japan’s First Data Communication System

5. Japan’s First Online Banking System

6. Japan’s First Supercomputer

7. Japan’s First Japanese Language Processing for Computers

8. World’s First High Electron Mobility Transistor

9. World’s First Commercial ISDN Service

10. Japanese Word Processor and Thumb Shift Keyboard

11. Fujitsu’s First Personal Computer

12. PC Penetration into Office Automation

13. Japan's First Portable PC and Expansion of PC Use

14. Emergence of CD-ROMs and Multimedia Capable PCs

15. Introduction of Windows-Era International Standard PCs

16. Emergence of Car phones

17. Emergence of Mobile Phones

18. Submarine Telecommunication System

19. World’s First 42-Inch Plasma Display

20. Fujitsu Logo History

21. Transition of Large-scale Computer CPU