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Security and Business Continuity

Realize a safe and secure ICT environment with enhanced authentication platforms, privacy protection and security intelligence.

Fujitsu continuously develops and provides security-related products and services. Through proven countermeasures and operations, Fujitsu, comprising of approximately 300 companies worldwide, handles several hundred million individual cyber-attacks each day. In order to apply this security expertise to our customers and deliver integrated support, including system enhancement and operation, and education and training, Fujitsu has organized a range of products and services into the new FUJITSU Security Initiative. In establishing the Security Initiative Center, Fujitsu provides a one-stop shop of support functions for constantly maintaining the optimal level of security for our customer's environments. This newly organized collection of products and services is currently available in Japan and will be rolled out globally in stages.


Application Services

Information Management

Fujitsu provides services for the management and exploitation of information throughout its lifecycle. These services cover:

  • User Experience solutions for users to access, locate,exploit and input information. Including portals, search, web content management, business insight/analytics, forms and mobile.
  • Enterprise Collaboration enabling knowledge workers to share and draw on information enterprise-wide whilst making the most of the latest mobile and communications tools
  • Enterprise Process support focused on defining, improving and orchestrating key business processes using Business Process Management technologies to increase efficiency and improve service delivery
  • Enterprise Lifecycle Management solutions to capture and secure information and make it available across the business in compliance with regulatory requirements. Including electronic document and records management (EDRM), eDiscovery, lifecycle management and archiving.

Enterprise Applications

Fujitsu's Enterprise Applications services cover the design, development, configuration, implementation, rollout and on-going management of solutions based on packaged ERP applications. (For a full description please see the "Create Value through Integration" section.)

Software as a Service

Fujitsu offers a wide range of packaged applications as subscriptionbased services ‐ supported by implementation, customization and integration services ‐ including on-demand apps for office productivity, customer relationship management, IT management and other key industry and enterprise applications.

Managed Infrastructure Services

Data Center Services

Fujitsu's Data Center Services provide our customers with the complete range of services to ensure their IT systems are fully operational for their users as well as to improve their IT flexibility, efficiency, performance and to reduce their costs. (For a full description please see the "Create Value through Integration" section.)

End User Services (EUS)

Fujitsu's End User Services are for organizations who want to securely access their workplace data and services on any device in any location. EUS underpins business agility and delivers business value while reducing the costs to business, and improving the user experience. (For a full description please see the "Create Value through Integration" section.)


Business and Technology Solutions

Security Solutions

The importance of having a secure IT environment is becoming more and more important. With continual advancements in technology and innovation, confidential business information is at a higher risk of exposure. Understanding that mobility and connectivity are a part of today's business environment, Fujitsu takes a focused approach to ensuring security around all of our solutions. The combination of Fujitsu's user security expertise and partnerships with leading security vendors, ensures superior security. Fujitsu's extensive range of user security products and solutions are easy to integrate and can be enhanced with complementary software and hardware offerings to meet unique user security requirements. As two prominent solution examples we want to describe here our solution offerings for authentication / identity management and compliant archiving.

  • Authentication / Identity management solutions ‐ based on Fujitsu's PalmSecure technology
    Fujitsu's Authentication / ID Management solutions are based on Fujitsu's biometric palm vein technology and provide highest reliability and authentication security for a wide range of applications in different market segments. This hygienic, contact less authentication technology uses vascular patterns as personal identification data, which are unique to individuals and more reliable in verifying identity than token and knowledge-based methods. Selecting this biometric technology for a specific security application will drastically increase the application's safety and the comfort for the users. We introduce further new software solutions combined with Fujitsu PalmSecure ‐ e.g. for enabling the monitoring and controlling of a SAP system by re-authentication at user-specific checkpoints during SAP operations as a significant security improvement.
    We also introduce based on Fujitsu PalmSecure another new software solution for facilitating secure two-factor authentication as well as secure transfer of data transactions - providing a reliable means of identification for people and organizations who share data and information. The introduction of new mobile workplace systems with integrated PalmSecure technology increases the security dramatically. The combination of PalmSecure technology based on Match-on-Device solutions and high level security software is an ideal basis for secured cloud access ‐ and secured payment applications. Fujitsu PalmSecure enables our customers to protect end-to-end their sensible and mission-critical information with secured access points and workplaces as front end and secured applications in the data center.

Note:Availability featured here may differ by region.

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