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Secure System

Workplace Protect & Workplace Manager- Secure Authentication Solutions

Today companies’ information security begins with controlling access to client devices. Protect confidential data and programs by accurately verifying and authenticating PC users and effectively preventing unauthorized use. FUJITSU Workplace Protect is the perfect solution for this task. Security settings can be managed centrally using the optional Workplace Manager software.

The Workplace Protect solution offers the following main features:

  • User Authentication for Microsoft Windows® using
    • PalmSecure
    • SmartCard
    • Fingerprint
    • RFID card
    • Face recognition
  • Pre-boot Authentication based on fingerprint or SmartCard to be presented at BIOS level
  • Single Sign on to Microsoft Windows®
  • Password Safe, stores your secret login details needed to logon to protected websites
  • Encrypted Container, a virtual disk encryption to protect important user data

The Workplace Manager software offers the following main features:

  • Central configuration for
    • default authentication methods
    • Additional applications like Password Safe and Encrypted Container
  • Simple deployment of BIOS and hard disk drive passwords
  • Central management of SystemLock
    • Installation of SystemLock
    • Configuration of SmartCards