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Fujitsu Security Products

FUJITSU PalmSecure, Firewalls, Web Security, Encryption, End Point Protection, Email Security, Data Loss Prevention, Intrusion Detection and Prevention Services (IDS/IPS) and Anti-Bot make up the Fujitsu Security product offering. We work together with leading-edge technology partners and provide vendor-neutral advice to deploy the best solutions for your individual security requirements.

Fujitsu Enterprise and Cyber Security can help you

Fujitsu PalmSecure PalmSecure in use

PalmSecure™ is a leading-edge biometric authentication system that authenticates users based on vein pattern recognition. Fujitsu PalmSecure offers highest levels of security as veins are internal and have a wealth of differentiating features, which make attempts to forge an identity extremely difficult.

Fujitsu Biometrics-as-a-Service FUJITSU Biometrics as a Service

Biometrics-as-a-Service is a cloud-based biometrics platform for mobile authentication. Biometrics-as-a-Services satisfies the requirements of mobile users while providing the benefits of biometric technologies including multimodal authentication.

More FUJITSU Security Products

Security Products – Client Computing Devices

The combination of Fujitsu security expertise and partnerships with leading security vendors ensure that our Client Computing Devices deliver superior security. Our device-related security products and solutions are easy to integrate into existing IT infrastructures and can be enhanced with complementary software and hardware offerings to meet unique user security requirements.

Find more information about the CCD Security Products here.

Secure Systems

Companies’ information security begins with controlling access to end-user devices. Protect confidential data and programs by accurately verifying and authentication PC users and effectively preventing unauthorized use.

The comprehensive cyber security portfolio from Fujitsu comprises Secure Systems, e.g. Workplace Protect and Workplace Manager. Find Fujitsu Secure Systems here.