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Fujitsu Cloud Service K5: Platform as a Service

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Develop, deploy, digitalize. Get the edge with K5 PaaS.

K5 PaaS provides the tools you need to accelerate digital transformation, delight your customers and gain a competitive edge.

This extends beyond the support, integration and transformation of your IT systems. It enables your developers to rapidly create and manage new digital applications and services at scale, without the complexity of building IT infrastructure..

By working closely with our customers, Fujitsu is helping to address the biggest challenges in digitalization, including:

Digitalization Challenges


Extending beyond the infrastructure layer and removing complexity from applications, systems and processes.

Business Growth

Leveraging application services
and open systems, introducing new
business models and getting closer
to customers.

Working together to create new value chains - underpinned by real-time, always connected information systems.

Managing and Reducing Complexity 
Managing and integrating enterprise systems and data, whilst minimizing vendor lock-in through the use of open source technologies.

Innovation and User Experience 
Unlocking value in traditional systems through APIs, new digital services and user interfaces.

Quick creation of customized systems to support business innovation, time-to-value and an improved customer experience.

K5 PaaS: Bringing Digital Transformation to life.

Fujitsu Cloud Service K5 tackles these challenges head-on by enabling you to exploit the four pillars of digital transformation:
At Fujitsu, we understand that these building blocks mean something different to every organization depending on your risk profile, legacy systems and your pace of change. With K5, we give you the flexibility to transform on your own terms - and enable your developers through a range of PaaS services and custom development tools.

K5 PaaS Services

K5 PaaS offers a wide range of custom development capabilities for modernization and the rapid development and deployment of new digital services, these include:

Fujitsu System Factory Service

Templates and automates infrastructure sets as code, making it easy to create and deploy workloads to cloud infrastructures. This enables re-use, as well as automation of system build and operations tasks.

Fujitsu Platform Factory Service

Provides pre-configured infrastructure for Java based, critical applications that:
  • Shorten system set up time.
  • Improve developer productivity. 
  • Optimize the use of infrastructure assets.

Platform Factory also provides an application development framework that can be used to enhance Java applications and add new features and functionality.

Fujitsu Cloud Foundry Service

Enables app developers to build, deploy, run and scale applications on both public and private clouds. Users can select from a wide range of development languages such as Java, Node JS or PHP. Cloud Foundry creates the required application environment, allowing developers to focus on creating code and deploying at speed.

Fujitsu K5 API Management

Allows application developers to provide web API management, enabling:

  • Access to services such as control and governance.
  • Protection of API infrastructure by accessing configuration options within APIM, rather than programming code.
Apigee Edge

Simplifies the delivery, management and analysis of back-end APIs and applications for faster, more dynamic service development.  This can be easily deployed to robust IT systems, to expose them as new digital assets - without re-platforming and with minimal re-coding.