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Unified Storage: NetApp Systems

High performance and high availability for consolidating your data and simplifying your data management

FAS2200 Series NAS Storage: Netapp Systems

The new product lineup in the NetApp FAS2200 series provides more powerful, affordable and flexible storage solutions for medium-sized businesses and distributed enterprise environments.

FAS3200 Series FAS3200 Series

Get great value and advanced efficiency in a mid-range storage system. The FAS3200 series can handle today’s diverse virtualized workloads and easily respond to future expansion.

FAS6200 Series FAS6200 Series

Use the power scalability, availability, and flexibility offered by the FAS6200 series for your most demanding application requirements and rely on these products for your ever-changing virtualized and cloud environments.

FAS8000 Series FAS8000 Series

NetApp FAS8000 series storage systems combine a unified, scale-out architecture with leading data-management capabilities. They are designed to adapt faster to changing business needs while delivering on core IT requirements for uptime, scalability, and cost-efficiency.

V-Series FAS3200 Series

Expand the capabilities of your existing storage systems with NetApp V-Series to provide new or better services. Improve storage utilization and reduce the ongoing expenditures for disk drives. Increase the productivity of IT staff with the ability to manage more storage with fewer people.