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BS2000/OSD Mainframes

Mainframes are outstandingly suited as central high-performance systems to precisely meet the demand in the server pool of modern data centers.
When it comes to handling large quantities of data, economically supporting numerous end users and at the same time ensuring permanent availability the BS2000/OSD Mainframe technology is an important component in dynamic infrastructures.

BS2000/OSD mainframes are more than just servers: they are a complete and autonomous IT infrastructure for your applications providing the rock-solid heartbeat for your data center.

  • Germany , Industry: Local Government
    Koblenz Regional Finance Office

    The Koblenz Regional Finance Office (Oberfinanzdirektion Koblenz – OFD) is an intermediate authority in the Federal State of Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, with responsibility for managing tax collection and financial administration matters throughout the state. Due to the gradual standardization of taxation software, the central BS2000/OSD platform at OFD must respond to an enormous increase in processing demands. In addition to boosting performance, the customer also wanted to benefit from higher levels of flexibility and efficiency. Thanks to a Managed BS2000 service model that includes a newer generation BS2000/OSD platform, Fujitsu guarantees that OFD Koblenz has ample scalability for standardizing taxation software. The Managed BS2000 solution gives the customer precisely the hardware, software and complete services needed for specific tasks – at a usage-based cost. Tags: BS2000

  • United Kingdom , Industry: All
    VOSA: Reliability in Vehicle Testing Case Study

    In order to improve road safety, reduce fraud and address environmental issues, the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) decided to computerise the administration of the British MOT Scheme. Tags:

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