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FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for Red Hat OpenStack

Your reliable path to OpenStack private cloud deployment

The „digital first“ imperative is increasingly a reality in today’s businesses seeking to transform business models in order to enable innovation, new revenue streams and better customer experience. Cloud is the ideal underpinning platform that is agile enough to adapt quickly to the challenges of digital business initiatives. And OpenStack is the fastest growing cloud management platform that is cost-effective, open, flexible and massively scalable. Specifically designed to support the elastic nature of a true cloud OpenStack best supports the requirements of next-generation cloud applications.

However, there are various risks that can impact time lines and budgets in the implementation phase of a complex private cloud project. You need to make sure that enough skilled resources are on board for the design, build and deployment phases –and finally you also need to take care of maintenance and ongoing innovation of the complete technology stack.

One stop shopping for your OpenStack private cloud IaaS platform

In order to reduce those risks, Fujitsu and Red Hat jointly developed a reference architecture to build a converged infrastructure solution for OpenStack private cloud IaaS deployments. FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for Red Hat OpenStack combines a high-performance and energy-efficient Fujitsu hardware stack, the market leading Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, one stop support and a comprehensive professional service portfolio – all in one solution package. PRIMEFLEX for Red Hat OpenStack is the most reliable way to deploy a highly flexible, open and cost-effective OpenStack private cloud IaaS platform.

Based on the vast experience as a leading Cloud IaaS service provider in operating more than 25 cloud data centers globally, Fujitsu is well positioned to help optimize your own data center infrastructure.

PRIMEFLEX for Red Hat OpenStack - Your benefits

Fujitsu and Red Hat support you through every phase in your transformation to a cloud platform that meets the requirements of your digital business initiatives with the following:
  • High-performance and energy-efficient Fujitsu hardware stack capable to host demanding workloads
  • Market leading Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform ensures stable and secure operation of a production-ready cloud
  • Modular building block concept allows you to adapt configurations on your own pace
  • An optimized deployment service reduces implementation risk and offers fast time to production and reduces infrastructure-related efforts and cost by up to 40%
  • One-stop support for recommended configurations
  • Integration into the overall OpenStack ecosystem supports a multi-cloud approach (private or hybrid) of a customer

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