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  4. Virtual Desktop Service V-DaaS enables Kokuyo to establish a work style innovation and a new organizational culture

Virtual Desktop Service V-DaaS enables Kokuyo to establish a work style innovation and a new organizational culture

"Fujitsu’s sincere and thorough support with the V-DaaS operation made us feel very reassured. We are very ambitious about Fujitsu as our partner for this endeavor of work style innovation."

Ms. Keiko Shirasu Workstyle Solution Group Information Systems, Corporate Administrations Kokuyo Co., Ltd.


Kokuyo’s philosophy of enriching the world through its products has remained unchanged since its foundation in 1905. Over the course of its corporate history, the business has evolved into three major divisions: Stationery business, furniture business, and mail-order and retail business. Furthermore, its operations cover the entire value chain with marketing, product design, manufacturing, logistics, and sales. With experience across such a wide range of business fields, Kokuyo has established itself by supporting both corporate and consumer customers with its philosophy firmly in mind.


  • Flexible work style
  • Change from an individual PC assignment to shared PC assignment
  • Stable operation and improve credibility of the virtual desktop infrastructure


Kokuyo selected Fujitsu for its operational reliability and networked connectivity between its internal system and V-DaaS. Kokuyo has also adopted numerous Fujitsu products and services and greatly appreciates its expertise in supporting its internal system.


  • Virtual desktop infrastructure provides the same operational environment as the office even when the users work from home or outside the office
  • PC usage style at the office changes from one user per PC to multiple users per shared PC
  • V-DaaS provides a stable environment 24/7 and is equipped with a system to counter failures in a timely manner


Read the full Kokuyo Co. Ltd case study (404 KB/A4, 2 pages)



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