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Fujitsu helps media companies by running their digital media platforms with the highest levels of security and performance.

In the digital era, the rules have changed.

We see over-the-top services erode traditional broadcast revenue streams while new partnerships emerge from the expanding app marketplace. And as the lines between editorial and advertorial blur, brands use both the leading and the bleeding edge to start a two way dialogue through social and content marketing.

Digital transforms how we communicate, watch, share, and listen:

  • It offers overwhelming choice through multi-channel, multi-device experiences.
  • It lets us enjoy our favourite content, when we want and how we want.
  • It turns our TV into a whole-home control with a super-highway to apps, games, music and services.
In all of this, the necessary focus on the digital experience shakes-up the more traditional business paradigms. Many of the consumer goods brands have already become publishing engines. Telco providers shift from straight connectivity to enhanced digital services. Retailers become media destinations as much as lifestyle offerings. And individuals are both content consumer and co-creator, as digital platforms invite us to engage and share more about our lives with an ever growing global audience.

Think customer

Media organisations know that to remain relevant and fuel growth, they need to reconfigure everything around the audience. Creating a personalised audience-centric experience will soon be the new normal for the industry.

From hyper-personalised content to new channels and collaborative platforms – the goal is to earn trust by putting the audience on center-stage.

Accelerate digital with Fujitsu

Digital is not a technology challenge, but a new mindset for doing business. This mindset encourages creativity and rewards innovation – securely and profitably. Fujitsu helps media companies by running their digital media platforms with the highest levels of security and performance.

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