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A digital platform from Fujitsu can enhance the customer experience and streamline your business processes.

Media Videot

Fujitsu helps media companies by running their digital media platforms with the highest levels of security and performance.

Rahoitusalan digitaalinen muodonmuutos Toimialat, finanssi

Digitalisaatio mahdollistaa nopean reagoinnin, skaalautuvuuden sekä ketteryyden.

Telecom A_man_and_a_woman_discussing_together_and_looking_at_a_LIFEBOOK_T_lpr

Fujitsu has expertise in the development of telecoms products and services for our global customer base.

Transport and logistics Mobiiliratkaisut

Our tailored IT services and solutions help transform the transport industry by overhauling IT and communication systems and digitising services.

Utilities Smiling_woman_carrying_a_LIFEBOOK_P__smiling_man_lpr

Fujitsu has a proud record of achievement in the energy and utilities sector, but we're also known as innovators.