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Self-Checkout Solutions

Customers expect to do their shopping smoothly and without delays. 20-30 % of the shoppers make the checkout themselves when it is possible. Easy-to-use self-checkout systems mean less abandoned carts, happier customers and more sales for the retailer.

Fujitsu offers full SCO service for the customers: software, hardware, support and maintenance services as well as future development.

We offer different self-checkout models for different customer needs: 

  • Mini SCO is an efficient and compatible solution which means you can have more self-checkouts in less space
  • Impulse is a new solution designed for the convenience stores and service stations. Pedestal, counter and/or wall models are available
  • Genesis II is a reliable Self-Checkout system that enables cash payment with better usability
Fujitsu has a long history of providing self-checkout systems and services globally and we have 40+ different customers with over 2500 lanes in use.

Cashless Mini-SCO/v Mk II (232 KB)