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Manufacturing industry: Agility in a changing world

Within manufacturing, digitization empowers consumers, retailers and suppliers to drive complexity and price pressure down through the global supply chain.

With shorter product life cycles and manufacturing operations spread around the globe, managing complex and dynamic value chains has become a huge challenge.

Customer driven demand for new products, cost reductions and improved quality means continual technological innovation is required to be able to deliver on time and at target price.

IT solutions for manufacturing to drive profitable growth

For over 40 years Fujitsu has partnered up with manufacturers on a global scale. We have over 100,000 patents worldwide, and have the technology you need to improve your manufacturing efficiency and expansion into new markets.

Fujitsu provides solutions e.g. for
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Food & Beverages
  • Pharma
  • Construction
  • Energy

Our Offerings: The Fujitsu Connected Enterprise: Making the Industrial IoT Happen – Right Here, Right Now

Connected factory

See bigger image: The Fujitsu Connected Enterprise (385 KB)

A connected enterprise uses the IoT to integrate physical and IT processes. All of its lines of business are digitalized: sales and customer service, R&D, supply chain, manufacturing, HR, finance and so on. The power to connect traditional physical processes with cutting-edge IT – to connect people with things – has the potential to change the way companies in a host of industries do business. By using the IoT to enable the seamless integration of IT and operational technology (OT), connected companies can employ smart processes that use the power of data analytics to improve the effectiveness of their operations and cut costs.

GET CONNECTED. Based on a business-oriented and collaborative approach, we support you in bridging the gap between your OT and your IT. For this purpose we analyze your business processes and identify the layers which need to be connected. In the second step we bring all this together with our technological expertise. By connecting things such as sensors, people and business networks, we provide the basis for the efficient flow of information from the shop floor to the top floor.

GET INSIGHTS. With converged IT and OT, you gain actionable insights into all aspects of your asset and manufacturing operations, empowering you to proactively manage and simplify your business.

GET OPTIMIZATION. Coupled with smart automation and advanced analytics, you are in the position to optimize and transform your business processes quickly and with agility.

Fujitsu’s Connected Enterprise concept offers manufacturing companies a full set of ICT services that underpin the requirements brought on by digitalization. Connected Enterprise leverages the convergence of Information Technology and Operational Technology to enable smart, connected operations and significantly improve operations effectiveness and reduce operating cost.

FUJITSU Connected Manufacturing

utilizes industrial machine-to-machine connectivity, mobility technology and manufacturing analytics to provide a keen and actionable understanding of the vast amounts of operational data being generated. This transformation of the data enables proactive management from the top floor to the shop floor, live and in real time.

As a world-class manufacturer, Fujitsu has extensive expertise in helping organizations harness the power of the connected enterprise to increase manufacturing productivity, quality and innovation at a reduced cost. The result is a highly optimized, lean manufacturing operation. New opportunities thanks to more data sources, simple data acquisition and even real-time analyses for manufacturing operations will drive the revolution in production processes. For example, production planning and control across several factories can be organized using mobile and paperless technologies, and tracking the flow of materials and goods can be improved considerably.

FUJITSU Connected Assets

puts organizations in a position to analyze data from assets equipped with sensors to gain better visibility into asset availability, to track the performance of their assets and to optimize maintenance processes. Based on real-time data, maintenance teams can assess the health of critical components in machines, facilities or systems and automate the maintenance processes based on asset health indexes. Thus FUJITSU Connected Assets paves the way to condition-based maintenance strategies that unlock the full potential of investments in assets with predictive maintenance. Features such as the live monitoring of assets really pay off, especially in industries (such as energy) that are heavily dependent on equipment and machinery.

FUJITSU Connected Workers

enables connecting process and people in a secure way. Employee health and safety can be improved when sensing real time the environment, motion, location and vital signs. With the help of Augmented Reality, maintenance technicians can be more productive as quality inspections and installations are guided remotely.

Make Industrial IoT happen – With FUJITSU Connected EnterpriseOpen a new window  (Youtube)

Fujitsu Value Proposition for Manufacturing Industry (2.76 MB )

White Paper: The Connected Enterprise: Making the Industrial IoT Happen – Right Here, Right Now (1,003 KB)

Intelligent Dashboard

Intelligent Dashboard supports optimal factory management by integrating various types of factory data that previously could not be collected until sensing technologies evolved.

Intelligent Dashboard to help total factory optimizationOpen a new window (Youtube) 

Our ERP solutions are built on Microsoft and SAP technologies. Fujitsu C7 system facilitates the management of projects from the bidding phase all the way to closing the project.

Fujitsu is an end-to-end global provider of SAP application and technology services. We offer the best-of-breed SAP solutions in a cost-efficient and reliable manner. In addition to system implementations, we offer our customers flexible technical maintenance and support services for the management of their SAP system lifecycle.

With Transformational Application Managed Services we meet your business needs by delivering services to manage your complete application portfolio, in a way that is tailored to suit your application landscape and the requirements of your business today and in the future. Our experience spanning several decades ensures solid industry knowledge.

Fujitsu Transformational Application Managed Services (2.58 MB )

The Fujitsu KISS Report – Manufacturing Sector (902 KB)

Application Modernization is a standardized, global service for taking the customer’s aging but business-critical apps into the today’s digital environment.

We also take care of the outsourcing of IT infrastructure, assuming overall responsibility of it by utilizing industry leading services and solutions like Digital Workplace, Social Command Center, Intelligent Engineering and Hybrid IT. With our service you can rest assured that the used solutions, processes, and security are always up-to-date and appropriately sized.  

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Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0 in Manufacturing IoT in Manufacturing

Manufacturing is fundamentally changing through initiatives such as Industrie 4.0 and the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC).

Fujitsu Transformational Application Managed Service

SAP-ratkaisut saumattomasti SAP, how can Fujitsu help?

Fujitsun palvelussa laaja SAP-sovellusosaaminen ja -käyttöpalvelu yhdistyvät saumattomaksi kokonaisuudeksi. SAP-sovelluskäyttöpalvelu skaalautuu käytön ja kapasiteetin mukaan.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics AX on liiketoimintaratkaisu talousasioiden, asiakassuhteiden, yrityspalvelujen, henkilöstöasioiden ja tuotantoketjun hallintaan.

C7 projektisalkun täydelliseen hallintaan C7 Project Management

Fujitsun C7-järjestelmä helpottaa projektien hallintaa tarjousvaiheesta aina projektin päätökseen saakka. Kaikki projektin seurantaan liittyvä informaatio on vain muutaman klikkauksen päässä.

Sovellusten modernisointi Sovellusten modernisointi

Sovellusten modernisointi (Application Modernization) on vakioitu, globaali palvelu, joka siirtää asiakkaiden ikääntyvät, mutta liiketoiminnan kannalta kriittiset sovellukset nykyajan digitaaliseen toimintaympäristöön.