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Extended Lifecycle Mainboards

Extended Lifecycle mainboards

Mainboards for complex applications with semi-industrial needs and longer availability.
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FUJITSU Mainboard D3598-B

The FUJITSU Extended Lifecycle Mainboard D3598-B is the right choice for any demanding applications and needs. Featured by Intel® C422 Chipset, the D3598-B supports the Intel® Xeon® processors based on LGA2066. The perfect fit for any workstation and high performance computing will be realized with 7 PCIe connectors, Dual Intel® GbE LAN, Mini-PCIe and M.2 onboard capability as well as M.2 Riser to support two additional M.2 in RAID mode. The D3598-B fulfill the level of semi-industrial needs with 24/7 continous operation up to 50°C ambient temperature under heavy load (100%) and prolonged lifecycle for min. 3 years.

FUJITSU Mainboard D3474-B Thin Mini-ITX Mainboard D3474-B - side view

Fujitsu presents its first Thin-Mini-ITX Mainboard: the FUJITSU Mainboard D3474-B. Thanks to 24/7 continuous operation and an extended temperature range up to 50°C this mainboard is suitable for semi industrial applications like AiO, POS, Mini-PC and KIOSK systems.The FUJITSU D3474-B supports the 6th and 7th Generation Intel® Core™ i3 / i5 / i7 Processor Series. The integrated Intel® H110 Express Chipset supports up to 32 GB DDR4 2400 SDRAM memory and two independent working displays in parallel.

FUJITSU Mainboard D3402-B Mainboard D3402-B - side view

The FUJITSU Mainboard D3402-B of the Extended Lifecycle Series can be equipped with the 6th or 7th generation Intel® Core™ i processor and powered by the Intel® H110 Express Chipset. With 24/7 operating and an extended temperature range up to 50°Celsius the FUJITSU D3402-B provides high functionality and meets special requirements of certain markets.

FUJITSU Mainboard D3417-B Mainboard D3417-B - side view

The FUJITSU Mainboard D3417-B of the Extended Lifecycle Series is the best solution for demanding requirements. It supports the 6th or 7th generation Intel® Core™ i processor as well as the Intel® Xeon® processor series E3-12xx v5 and is equipped with an Intel® C236 Express Chipset. The FUJITSU D3417-B provides highest performance and functionality while keeping energy consumption at an extraordinary low level.

FUJITSU Mainboard D3348-B Mainboard D3348 - side view

The Fujitsu Extended Lifecycle Mainboard D3348-B is a high performance ATX Board designed and manufactured for 24/7 continuous operation. The D3348-B is equipped with the Intel® C612 Chipset and supports the Intel® Xeon® Processor Series E5-26xx and E5-16xx (V3/V4), as well as Intel® Core™ i7 processors. For perfect expandability there are seven PCIe slots whereof four x Gen 3 and three Gen2 as well as USB 3.0. The 10 x SATA III 600 interfaces support deletion RAID functionality. Euipped with Dual Intel® GbE LAN, it supports iAMT 9.1 / vPro. The FUJITSU D3348-B is the optimal solution for demanding applications in semi-industrial environments.

FUJITSU Mainboard D3222-B Mainboard D3222 - side view

The FUJITSU Extended Lifecycle Mainboard D3222-B is the most suitable solution for semi-industrial needs. Featured by the Intel® Q87 Express Chipset, the 4th Generation of Intel® Core™ processors are supported. To fulfill the requirement about stable and managable network connections, the Fujitsu D3222-B is equipped with an Intel® i217LM GbE LAN Controller which supports the latest Intel® Active Management Technology (iAMT9.0). Security Features like TPM v.1.2 or Secure Boot Options are also important to assure a high level of confidence. Finally an improved Thermal Management & System Monitoring Microcontroller enables the user to get the whole overview about the system status.