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  7. Fujitsu ja Microsoft perustavat osaamiskeskuksen Britanniaan

Fujitsu ja Microsoft perustavat osaamiskeskuksen Britanniaan

Helsinki, huhtikuuta 10, 2013

Fujitsu ja Microsoft tiivistävät kumppanuuttaan Britanniassa perustamalla uuden osaamiskeskuksen (Centre of Excellence). Fujitsun tiloissa toimiva osaamiskeskus tarjoaa Fujitsun asiakkaille etulyöntiaseman uusien teknisten innovaatioiden käyttöönotossa. Samalla se yhdistää Fujitsun ja Microsoftin vahvuudet, kuten teknologisen asiantuntemuksen ja työasemien käyttöönottoprojektit yhdistettynä palvelutoimituksiin ja räätälöityihin konsultointipalveluihin. Fujitsu on sijoittanut hankkeeseen 4,5 miljoonaa puntaa.

Lue koko tiedote englanniksi:
Fujitsu Extends Relationship with Microsoft Through Implementation of New Centre of Excellence Business Model

IT giants to combine product knowledge and excellence in service delivery to bring cost and risk reduction to UK customers

London, April 09, 2013 - Fujitsu UK&I today announced that it has extended its UK-wide services partnership with Microsoft, whereby Microsoft staff will work on-site at Fujitsu’s premises to generate the two companies’ first Centre of Excellence (COE). This new business model, between Fujitsu and Microsoft, will enable Fujitsu customers to drive innovation across their businesses by ensuring the adoption of the right technology options for their organisations. The Centre of Excellence, which has an investment of £4.5m from Fujitsu, will create an environment for both Fujitsu and Microsoft experts to combine their core strengths in delivering complex IT solutions – such as enterprise desktop transformation projects and bespoke enterprise consultation services – to maximum effect and benefit for their customers.

Fujitsu and Microsoft will also work together to engage customers early on in the technology adoption cycle. Fujitsu will leverage its experience in delivering complex desktop transformation solutions and implementing successful end user services projects and combine this with the COE team’s deep expert level of knowledge of Microsoft products and services to help address the challenges that many of their joint customers face with regards to the enterprise-wide implementation of technology solutions. In addition, the companies working together will ensure that both organisations and their customers experience an increase in global delivery capabilities that will in turn ensure that projects are completed in as fast a time as possible.

“2012/2013 has been Microsoft’s biggest ever launch year and we have released new versions of almost every product in our portfolio including, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Office 2013 and Office 365, Windows Server 2012 and many more,” said Nick Corrigan, General Manager, Enterprise Services, Microsoft UK. “These new products are driving significant market demand and that requires support from partners to deliver additional services, add value to customers and help them to manage implementation and deployment. We believe that working with partners like Fujitsu, in combination with Microsoft’s proven technology, will deliver tangible return on investments for customers, in the form of time and cost savings.”

“Being able to work with Microsoft as a services partner in the UK is a testament to the successful work we’re doing in the area of delivering desktop transformation and end user services to the enterprise. We believe it’s also an indication that the IT industry as a whole is starting to realise the importance of providing value added services to its clients” said Richard Bull, Executive Director, End-User Services Group at Fujitsu UK&I. “We’re delighted to continue and strengthen our relationship with Microsoft and anticipate that the partnership will generate an estimated income of £500m over a three year period. The continued partnership with Microsoft will also be beneficial to our customers as combining the Microsoft team’s product knowledge with our proven track record in service delivery and implementation of complex IT projects will enable us to help many organisations overcome the challenges they face with regards to enterprise IT.”

Find out more about the partnership between Microsoft and Fujitsu and how to engage them:

Fujitsu UK and Ireland: Graham Goulden
Phone:+ 44 (0) 843 354 9568
E-mail: graham.goulden

Date: 10 huhtikuuta, 2013
City: Helsinki