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  7. Finland Fujitsu reaches list of Best Workplaces in Finland

Finland Fujitsu reaches list of Best Workplaces in Finland

Fujitsu Finland

helmikuuta 16, 2011

Fujitsu Services Oy placed fourth on the list of best workplaces in Finland. The research of best workplaces was performed by Great Place to Work Institute Finland. Fujitsu was awarded in the big companies (= more than 500 employees) category.

"We've seen a significant and consistent rise in employee satisfaction results within units and smaller teams. It's the outcome of work that for years now has aimed for long-lasting improvement in employee satisfaction. We now have concrete proof that our great results also score extremely well on a national level. It's an excellent basis to continue the development", says Finnish HR Director Mikko Lampinen.

According to the employee survey Fujitsu is especially liked because of its great community spirit. The atmosphere at the workplace is friendly and everyone gets to "be themselves". People also greatly value the opportunity to balance work and other life in a flexible way.

"We offer the possibility to discuss working hours suitable for different life situations. We also promote remote work and teleworking. We want to support our employees' wellbeing in a holistic way by enabling individual ways of working”, Mikko Lampinen says.

The personnel give special thanks to the in-house health care service. Fujitsu's own occupational health doctor and nurse provide quality health services and receive patients in the company's main office in Helsinki. They're easy to approach and are well-known and valued members of the working community. Also specialist doctors' services are extensively compensated.

"We launched a strategic venture a few years back named The climb up Mount Fuji in pursuit of better well-being and job satisfaction for the whole personnel. The biggest efforts on the part of HR have been made to improve leadership, job satisfaction and the culture of open communication. Despite these company level efforts the biggest work in these matters is done within teams and between people themselves. It's wonderful to see that people are actively looking to improve their own work environment”, Mikko Lampinen says.

"The goal of the Mount Fuji climb was to be listed on the country's best workplaces list. We've now accomplished that – and can happily move on knowing we're on the right track. We strive for even better results next year”, he concludes.

For more information please contact:
HR Director Mikko Lampinen, tel. +358 45 7880 4932, mikko.lampinen(at)

Fujitsu is a leading provider of ICT-based business solutions for the global marketplace. In Finland Fujitsu is the leading ICT services and hardware supplier, employing 2,900 people. The goal of the company is to facilitate the day-to-day operations of businesses and other organisations with our cutting-edge ICT service models and technologies. Read more at:

Date: 16 helmikuuta, 2011