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  7. Fujitsu Finland to implement a licence administration and supervision system to Valvira

Fujitsu Finland to implement a licence administration and supervision system to Valvira

Fujitsu Finland

Helsinki, elokuuta 16, 2011

Valvira has chosen Fujitsu Services Oy as the supplier for the new Valveri information system. Valveri is the licence administration and supervision system for Welfare and Health in Finland, and it will be employed by Valvira and the regional state administrative agencies (AVI's).

"Much of the activity within the social and healthcare sector is subject to licence. Both Valvira and the regional state administrative agencies handle licences and supervision. The new system will serve them both. The system will be part of our basic infrastructure with a highly central role as it will form the foundation for licence administration and supervision for practically our entire private social and healthcare system,” CIO Olli Nylander of Valvira says.

The Valveri system will incorporate all licence, notification, supervision and guidance information concerned with licence grantors as well as the related register details, annual reports, and a resolution archive. Moreover, it will contain the shared guidelines and policies of Valvira and the regional state administrative agencies. Register details and the resolution archive will also contain the supervision-related matters and solutions pertaining to the social and healthcare professionals.

Valveri will replace the current, more limited Ysteri system.

"This reformation was necessary to expand our functionality. We will bring the entire licence process into the same uniform electronic services system to include new licences, changes and links to supervisory registries.

With this modern technical solution the legislative and organisational changes, too, can fluently be taken into consideration,” Nylander says.

"The Valveri system will be integrated into the future centralised government register and case management system VALDA. The VIA integration platform of the Government IT Shared Service Centre will be used in the integration process. This marks the first project of its kind in the government sector and it meets all the requirements of the upcoming IT Management Act" IT Manager Lennart Wahlfors of Valvira says.

Fujitsu's solution is built on Microsoft technology. The system will be delivered as end-to-end service, including support services as well as maintenance and monitoring services.

”We selected Fujitsu after a bidding process. Besides the price factor we had in mind a highly detailed set of quality requirements which Fujitsu's solution met nicely. What is more, we were really impressed by Fujitsu's industry knowledge,” Olli Nylander says.

The private healthcare service providers, self-employed workers, patient transport services and the 24/7 service providers subject to notification within private welfare will be registered in the system. In addition to these, also the register details for licence and supervision-related matters as well as the resolution archive will reside in the system.

”A shared system will increase transparency between different agencies as all licence and supervisory information will reside in the same place. From the individual citizen's point of view the system will bring enhanced security along with more effective supervision,” Nylander says.

The Valveri system is scheduled to be deployed in phases starting from autumn 2011.

For more information, please contact:
CIO Olli Nylander, Valvira, tel. + 358 400 457 838
Sales director Mauri Mikkonen, Fujitsu, tel. + 358 45 7881 0398
Press contacts: Satu Pelttari, Fujitsu, tel. + 358 45 7880 9624, satu.pelttari (at)

Valvira is the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health and a centralised body operating under the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. Our statutory purpose is to supervise and provide guidance to healthcare and social services providers, alcohol administration authorities and environmental health bodies and to manage related licensing activities. Our most important task is to protect the right of all Finnish residents to a living environment that promotes their health and welfare and to assure their access to social and healthcare services that are both safe and adequate. Read more at:

Date: 16 elokuuta, 2011
City: Helsinki