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  7. Fujitsu Estonia takes HR management to the cloud

Fujitsu Estonia takes HR management to the cloud

Tallin, kesäkuuta 08, 2011

HR personnel can focus their attention on people instead of reporting Fujitsu Services Estonia has developed a new cloud service, which makes HR managers’ life easier. The web-based Persona V3 takes care of all the routine reports that use up time that could be used in developing the working environment and competencies of the organisation’s employees. The service is targeted at public and private organizations of 50 or more employees.

"We have been working on with HR departments in different companies for the past 12 year. It was clear that HR managers wanted a tool that would let them spend less time on reports and focus on people. With this in mind, we developed Persona V3,” says Ülle Kivirähk, Sales Director at Fujitsu Services Estonia.

With the help of Persona V3, HR managers can produce reports easily, and they get a clear overview of the organization’s staff. All data and documents are stored in one place, so there are no discrepancies or overlaps.

The development of the cloud service has focused on convenience: it can be accessed anywhere and anytime through a web browser, and Fujitsu takes care of any modifications required due to changing legislation or regulations. Fujitsu takes also responsibility for data security and data backups. The service is easy to learn and use, and as a cloud service, requires no maintenance.

At the moment, Persona V3 is for Estonian customers only.

For more information, please contact Ülle Kivirähk, Sales Director, Fujitsu Services Estonia,
tel. +372 5011 745, ulle.kivirahk (at)

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Date: 08 kesäkuuta, 2011
City: Tallin