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  7. Cisco TelePresence to accompany Fujitsu's Patja service

Cisco TelePresence to accompany Fujitsu's Patja service

Fujitsu Finland

Helsinki, huhtikuuta 12, 2011

Cisco TeleprecenceFujitsu Services Oy and Cisco Systems have entered into an agreement whereby Cisco TelePresence will be available as part of Fujitsu's Patja service.

The TelePresence virtual meeting solution allows real-time face-to-face multipoint meeting between locations. Visual communication brings improved operational efficiency. It transforms the ways of working and brings people closer to one another, while decreasing costs as well as environmental impact with reduced travelling and improved time management.

Fujitsu now offers the solution as an end-to-end service, which means easy and flexible deployment. For example, TelePresence can be flexibly incorporated in the agreement of a current Patja customer, who then has access to all the service components now included in the monthly service fee. The services will be provided in compliance with uniform processes, alongside the other Patja services. TelePresence also allows the design and implementation of customised solutions. Fujitsu will be responsible for the design, delivery and availability. Consulting, user training and customer support are also included in the service package.

According to various research reports, up to 70 percent of human communication consists of non-verbal language of facial expressions and gestures.

”There is the dimension of non-verbal communication in video meetings, which results in considerably richer and more nuanced communication than in email or teleconferencing, for example. Video meetings are an integral part of the communication solutions in today's organisations. Fujitsu integrates visual communication into the overall uniform communication infrastructure of organisations. Our end-to-end service allows both domestic and global deliveries,” says service development manager Markus Heinonen of Fujitsu.

Video meeting is an effective tool in organisations where day-to-day operations would otherwise require mobility. Organisations with multiple locations obtain immediate benefits with this solution through reduced travelling. Moreover, using visual communication may bring about entirely new operational models.

”Visual communication transforms the ways of working in many different ways. Internal as well as external company meetings can in many cases now be scheduled on the same day, without having to make time for travelling between locations. The expertise of your key persons can be put to more efficient use at the exact moment of need. Visual communication has brought diversity into today's management, expert work and even traditional customer service,” says country manager Owe Ekman of Telepresence technology group.

Any conference room can be transformed into a video meeting room with an appropriate solution. Besides conference room solutions there is a wide range of personal conferencing solutions, which are also scalable to the needs of mobile users.

There are currently several on-going video meeting pilot projects among Fujitsu customers. The solution was also recently adopted by Fujitsu itself to streamline its regional operations.

For more information, please contact:
Fujitsu, Service development manager Markus Heinonen, tel. + 358 46 8780938,
markus.heinonen (at)
Cisco Systems Finland Oy, Country manager Owe Ekman, tel. + 358 204 7061,
owe.ekman (at)

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Date: 12 huhtikuuta, 2011
City: Helsinki