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  7. Finland Miradore and Fujitsu sign Nordic-wide contract

Finland Miradore and Fujitsu sign Nordic-wide contract

Fujitsu Finland

helmikuuta 17, 2010

Fujitsu Services Oy develops their ongoing cooperation with software company Miradore Oy by renewing a two-year agreement and expanding the coverage area to include all Nordic countries. The new agreement increases the use of Miradore in Fujitsu’s Nordic operations and subsidiaries.

Fujitsu uses Miradore in their IT service delivery for enhancing devices’ initial installation and software deployment processes, as well as for asset management.

"Miradore provides us with a solution that cuts costs and improves quality at the same time through automating tasks we have previously done manually, ” says Service Director Arto Kahila, Fujitsu.

For more information, please contact:
Service Director Arto Kahila, Fujitsu, tel. +358 045 7880 4389
Vice President Ari Vehniä, Miradore, tel. +358 50 372 5342

Miradore is a software company whose solutions are designed for IT service providers as a complete IT management platform. It allows access to IT devices and software, through one easy-to-use modular interface – scalable to meet an organization’s size and specific needs. Miradore supports the whole IT lifecycle, including purchasing, installation, maintenance, replacement, and retiring devices.
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Date: 17 helmikuuta, 2010