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  7. Finland Fujitsu to provide Husqvarna with IT services

Finland Fujitsu to provide Husqvarna with IT services

Fujitsu Finland

joulukuuta 10, 2010

Fujitsu was contracted to support Husqvarna with meeting its growing demands of IT infrastructure services in a number of countries, including Sweden, UK, US and Germany. Fujitsu will facilitate the creation of an effective and cohesive IT infrastructure for Husqvarna globally. Fujitsu’s ability to bring flexibility and scalability and a global IT operation was crucial for the agreement.

Fujitsu, one of the major IT players in the Nordic market, has signed an agreement with Husqvarna, the world's largest producer of outdoor power products including chain saws, trimmers, lawn mowers and garden tractors. The agreement covers management of IT infrastructure services in over 100 countries. The agreement makes it possible for Husqvarna to monitor, control and manage its IT from Sweden. In addition to managing Husqvarna’s IT infrastructure services, Fujitsu will take over Application Development and Maintenance as well as other IT services in Ulm, Germany.

"Our experience is that more and more companies require a single central IT supplier to avoid a fragmented IT infrastructure. In the Husqvarna case we have paid careful attention to flexibility, since it should be simple for Husqvarna to integrate new IT systems into their existing environment”, says Bengt Engström, CEO Fujitsu Nordic.

"That yet another global company in Sweden chooses Fujitsu strengthens our position as one of Sweden’s primary actors in IT outsourcing both in Sweden and internationally”, says Petri Imberg, CEO Fujitsu Sweden.

For some time Fujitsu has been working with similar assignments such as Electrolux, Volvo Cars, Norsk Hydro and Swedbank. The agreement with Husqvarna takes effect in the first quarter 2011.

For more information, please contact:
Bengt Engström, CEO Fujitsu Nordic, tel. +46 70 793 70 71 ,bengt.engstrom (at)
Petri Imberg, VD Fujitsu Sverige, tel. +46 707 93 70 80, petri.imberg (at)

The Husqvarna Group is the world's largest producer of outdoor power products including chainsaws, trimmers, lawn mowers and garden tractors. It is the European leader in consumer irrigation equipment under the Gardena brand. The Group is also one of the world leaders in cutting equipment and diamond tools for the construction and stone industries. The product range includes products for consumers as well as professional users. The Group's products are sold in more than 100 countries.
For further information, see www.

Date: 10 joulukuuta, 2010