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  7. Finland Fujitsu and RM5 Software announce a contract: Fujitsu’s identity management service expands

Finland Fujitsu and RM5 Software announce a contract: Fujitsu’s identity management service expands

Fujitsu Finland

joulukuuta 22, 2010

Fujitsu Services Oy and RM5 Software have today agreed that RM5 IdM Entitlement Management software product will be taken in use in Fujitsu’s identity management service.

Entitlement Management is in the core of e-services to which other identity and access management components lean and rely on. With it organizations can ensure that information system users have appropriate access rights according to their work assignments or business demands and needs.

RM5 Software´s RM5 IdM software product will be joined as a part of Fujitsu Patja and Sohva services. According to an independent market study from November 2010 by Secproof, Fujitsu's identity management service will expand with this contract to the most comprehensive Identity and Access Management Software as a Service-solution in the market.

With these extended features, identity management in the Patja and Sohva services,can now also be offered to the end users of organizations to be used as a self-service.

With RM5 IdM, access rights (Entitlements) of information systems can be requested, granted, modified and deleted, both in internal and external services. The software offers versatile and comprehensive reporting and auditing functions for up-to-date controlling of Entitlements. Implementation of the service will result in standardized identity management, optimized processes, lowered costs and substantially increased data security, as information and control of who has access to what is centralized in one place.

"Fujitsu offers a ready, productized identity management as a cloud service. The customer does not have to invest in an identity management system or its operation, or to employ its own specialists. With RM5 Software's solutions we will achieve a modern and versatile functionality to our services, and can provide services flexibly and efficiently", says Development Manager Petri Heinälä of Fujitsu.

"Through our co-operation with Fujitsu we get a fantastic opportunity to widen RM5 IdM base both in Finland and internationally, together with one of the largest IT service vendors in the world", says Christian Sundell from RM5 Software.

More information:
Petri Heinälä, Development Manager, Fujitsu, tel. +358 45 7880 1929
Christian Sundell, Sales and Marketing Director, Software RM5, tel. +358 40 196 6577

RM5 Software
is a Nordic, internationally noted and awarded software product vendor specializing in Entitlement Management, whose customer base consists of small and large public and private sector organizations in Finland and Sweden. RM5 IdM offers a business centric solution, unique features and covering functionality that has been used successfully in demanding entitlement management business cases since 2003. More information:

Date: 22 joulukuuta, 2010