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  7. Finland Fujitsu Patja offers virtual desktop as end-to-end service

Finland Fujitsu Patja offers virtual desktop as end-to-end service

Fujitsu Finland

joulukuuta 07, 2010

A virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is now available as part of Fujitsu Services Oy's Patja service. The end-to-end virtual desktop service incorporates client devices and the required data centre automation.

In a virtualized desktop infrastructure, instead of running in the desktop computers themselves, the operating system and the applications are run centrally over a LAN to the users' thin clients from a data centre. The VDI solution is compatible with a variety of client devices: the traditional desktop PC computer, laptop, tablet PC and smartphone, to name a view. Adequate capacity has been allocated from the data centre server for each user.

"Technologically end devices are getting thinner and thinner, as intelligence is taken to the data centres. This trend is transforming the way IT services are provided when applications, data and processes are managed and updated in an increasingly centralized manner. Virtualization and the Patja service fit together as a hand to a glove. I believe we will be seeing a lot of environments that employ a mixture of both virtual and traditional desktops," says service development director Hemminki Sääksjärvi of Fujitsu.

Virtual desktop is safe and it brings savings in maintenance costs. Moreover, it is an ecological choice, as the amount of power it consumes and the natural resources consumed in manufacturing it are smaller than those of a regular desktop computer.

For users the virtual desktop is comfortable because it is tied to the user, not the device. The users can sign in to their personal desktop on any device. They can sign off from the system in the middle of the day and continue working on their home computer, in the same environment and space as they did at their office desk earlier. The sessions, on the contrary, are disposable, meaning that changes will not be saved.

"Besides regular office environments, this model is excellent for various public spaces, such as hospitals, banks and libraries where computers are shared by multiple users. The session is active only as long as the user sits at the computer,” says service development manager Vesa Mäntylä.

For IT management virtualization brings increased ease as applications are no longer managed computer by computer. What is more, desktop procurement costs are significantly reduced and lifecycles longer. Replacing PC hardware with simple thin desktops reduces power consumption to one tenth of what it used to be. Technical issues are solved faster, as this can be done almost exclusively in the data centres.

The only requirement for virtual working is a functioning network connection with adsl band-width as a minimum. Also offline working is possible with certain prerequisites.

For further information, please contact:
Service development manager Vesa Mäntylä, Fujitsu, tel. + 358 46 8785 419, vesa.mantyla (at)

Fujitsu is the world's third largest provider of ICT-based business solutions, employing 170,000 systems and services experts in 70 countries. In Finland, Fujitsu is the leading ICT services and hardware supplier, employing 2,800 people. The goal of the company is to facilitate the day-to-day operations of businesses and other organisations with our cutting-edge ICT service models and technologies. With its renowned Patja ICT infrastructure services and Sohva application services, Fujitsu manages the information and communications technologies of its customers as well as the support services, availability and development of their applications. The range of Fujitsu's product services covers the entire spectrum of computers from laptops to data center solutions.
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Patja is an operations model whereby Fujitsu assumes responsibility for the customer's information and communications technology. Patja manages the customer's workstations, servers, printers and mobile phones. The Patja service also ensures that the customer's ICT solutions, processes and information security are up-to-date and appropriately sized. Patja brings advanced and efficient methods to the customer's ICT environment, enabling the customer to reduce its costs. With the Patja optimization solutions we sort out the problem areas in the customer environment, make action proposals and develop the ICT infrastructure. Patja is a trailblazer having its origins as far back as in 1995. To date the service tends to approximately 150,000 workstations of 130 customers. Read more

Date: 07 joulukuuta, 2010