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  7. Finland Rudus sticks with Fujitsu's Patja

Finland Rudus sticks with Fujitsu's Patja

Fujitsu Services Oy

tammikuuta 20, 2009

Aggregate and ready-mixed concrete producer and supplier Rudus Oy has signed a five-year continuation agreement with ICT services producer Fujitsu Services Oy. The two final years are optional. Rudus adopted the Patja service in 2004. Overall, the company has some 600 workstations at its nearly 200 offices in Finland.

The Patja service of Rudus incorporates help desk and on-site support, server availability services, LAN and data communications. In addition, the agreement covers mobile services, such as Mobile Enterprise and a wireless @450 broadband. Along with the renewed agreement, the help desk service hours will be extended to 24/7.

”We chose to renew our agreement with Fujitsu, because Patja works for us and Fujitsu has successfully fixed any problems that have emerged along the way. We definitely have use for the extended 24/7 service hours, as a great deal of our work takes place at irregular hours, oftentimes very early in the morning. If a user account has been locked out, for instance, it must be opened right away so that we are able to begin the day's work,” IT director Jari Tanskanen from Rudus says.

Nearly all Rudus workstations are equipped with Citrix clients. Windows applications reside on a central server and workstations have access to them on a browser. Citrix is an appropriate solution for companies whose personnel use centralised applications from different sites.

Further information: IT director Jari Tanskanen, Rudus, tel. + 358 20 447 7390
Director Pertti Mäkitalo, Fujitsu, tel. + 358 40 7723 437

Rudus Oy is active in the ready mixed concrete, concrete products, aggregates, crushing contracting, asphalt and recycling businesses in Finland, the Baltic countries and Russia. The Rudus Group's net sales for 2007 amounted to euro 427.2 million and the company employed on an average 1340 persons. In Finland the company employed approximately 1033 persons.
In 1999 Rudus was acquired by CRH plc. The shares of CRH plc are listed on the Irish, London and New York (NYSE) Stock Exchanges. The company´s net sales for 2007 were euro 20.9 billion. CRH plc has operations in 34 countries employing approximately 92,000 people at over 3,500 locations. Read more at:

Photo: Helsinki Music Center, Foto Tuhat Sanaa Oy

Date: 20 tammikuuta, 2009