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  7. Finland Fujitsu Finland to contribute in major computing virtualisation project Supermatrix

Finland Fujitsu Finland to contribute in major computing virtualisation project Supermatrix

Fujitsu Services Oy

huhtikuuta 24, 2009

Fujitsu Services Oy will be participating in one of the most extensive data connections projects ever embarked upon in Finland. The project aims at bringing 100-megabits and faster connections to homes and desktops, making personal computers obsolete.

This is globally the first project where the operator aims to virtualise users’ computers and will provide the whole desktop as a service. The user only needs a display unit, mouse and keyboard. Thin clients can be used directly over a data communications network. The project has been named Supermatrix.

"Desktop virtualisation and thin clients are both cost efficient and environmentally friendly. The so-called cloud computing services will be easily available to the users. As a leading desktop services supplier, Fujitsu has been and will continue to be a leading force in this development," says CEO Yrjänä Ahto of Fujitsu.

Superior performance

The user's computer will be a virtual part of an extremely powerful computer system connected directly to the Internet backbone. Performance of one hundred times or more than is currently available will be possible. All local applications are directly interconnected.

Each Supermatrix locality will have its own supercomputer that accommodates next-generation applications. In Supermatrix, backups, hardware maintenance, virus security and operating system updates are managed in a professional manner. Users are able to see their own applications and desktops, even if they change the terminal device. In mobile and remote use, connection to one's own desktop can be established easily and safely. In addition, it is easy for the user to switch operating systems and expand memory.

The project is being organised by Finnet Association and participated by Tekes, Fujitsu and numerous other system suppliers.

Additional information: Director Pasi Lehmus, Fujitsu, tel. + 358 50 5500 022
Finnet Association's press release

Date: 24 huhtikuuta, 2009