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  7. Finland Fujitsu Finland becomes Gold SAP Channel Partner

Finland Fujitsu Finland becomes Gold SAP Channel Partner

Fujitsu Services Oy

maaliskuuta 27, 2009

Having earned its way up from the silver level, Fujitsu Finland became a Gold SAP Channel Partner in SAP's Partner Edge program for resellers in March 2009.

"This marks a significant acknowledgement to us as it shows the width and depth of our SAP operation," says service development manager Mikko Vanhanen of Fujitsu.

The recognition is part of Channel Partnership, previously known as Value Added Reseller, VAR. Resellers get points for license sales, acquiring new customers, reference customers, trained sales and presales persons, joint campaigns and for the amount of implemented industry solutions.

Through its Channel Partners, SAP approaches small and middle-sized companies and organisations. These customers prefer committing to one partner that can provide them with both software licenses and consulting services. Out of Fujitsu Finland's customers Helvar, Polar Electro, Vaahto, Lännen Tehtaat, Transmeri and Tekla fall into that category, for example.

"SAP sees important growth potential in customers of this size and is strongly willing to support its partners in their efforts in new customer acquisition," Mikko Vanhanen says.

The other business model SAP uses is direct sales targeted at larger customers. In a Service Partner role, Fujitsu supplies a wide range of SAP services also to these customers. SAP customers of this calibre in Finland include Valio, Hartwall and Raisio.

SAP's partnership program is highly extensive and multi-levelled. Fujitsu Finland's Service Partnership with SAP dates as far back as 1995. Channel Partner agreement was signed 1998. Fujitsu has also been a Hosting Partner since 2005.

For further information, please contact: Service development manager Mikko Vanhanen, Fujitsu, tel. +358 500 448 668

Date: 27 maaliskuuta, 2009