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  7. Finland Comptel outsources data centres to Fujitsu

Finland Comptel outsources data centres to Fujitsu

Fujitsu Services Oy

kesäkuuta 03, 2009

Comptel, an international software company specialising in telecommunications and ICT services supplier Fujitsu Services Oy signed an agreement in May on IT infrastructure availability services and data centre outsourcing service. The agreement spans three years with a two-year option.

Six employees transferred from Comptel to Fujitsu as of the beginning of June.

In accordance with the agreement, Comptel's international data centre operations will now be managed by Fujitsu. Comptel has operations in 18 countries with data centres primarily concentrated to Finland, Norway, UK, Brazil and Malaysia. The company has currently more than 400 servers.

The goal of the data centre project is to optimise Comptel's current server environment through consolidation, virtualisation and acquiring server capacity on demand as a service.

”Business critical applications must be up and running 24/7. We aim at adjusting our data centre operations to meet the requirements of Uptime Institute, whereby we are paying particular attention to information security, physical safety of our premises, data backups and server connectivity," says Markku Järvenpää, Senior Vice President for Global Operations Support in Comptel.

”We seek to build a strong, long-term partnership. We were looking for a global partner, capable of providing server space as capacity service. In addition to a competitive price, we also appreciate Fujitsu's ITIL® (ITIL® is a Registered Trade Mark of AXELOS Limited)-aligned operation and quality certificates. The fact that our partnership brings Fujitsu's extensive pool of specialists available to us, and the possibility to have additional services later on were important selection criteria for us. What's more, we wanted to offer our employees nice career opportunities going forward," Järvenpää says.

For further details, please contact:
Senior Vice President Markku Järvenpää, Comptel, tel. + 359 9 7001 131
Director Pertti Mäkitalo, Fujitsu, tel. + 358 40 7723 437

Comptel provides Comptel Dynamic OSS solutions, enabling telecom service providers to deliver services flexibly and charge them effectively. Comptel's expertise in order management, inventory, provisioning and activation, mediation and charging empowers service providers to focus on delivering the innovative services. Comptel has provided solutions to 280 customers with 800 million subscribers in 85 countries. Net sales were EUR 85 million in 2008. The Group has about 600 employees in 18 countries.

Date: 03 kesäkuuta, 2009