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  7. Finland Moventas to prop up growth with Fujitsu's Patja service

Finland Moventas to prop up growth with Fujitsu's Patja service

Fujitsu Services Oy

syyskuuta 09, 2008

Moventas, a supplier of wind turbine gears and industrial gears, expands its collaboration with Fujitsu to support its strong growth. Based on a Patja agreement slated to run until 2012, Fujitsu will supply global ICT services to Moventas sites in Finland, Sweden, Germany, USA, Canada, China and Singapore. The Patja managed service covers some 1,000 workstations and 50 servers.

The agreement marks an extension to a Patja agreement signed three years ago. In particular, the renewed contract expands the international helpdesk and on-site support as well as server capacity service.

Moventas was established as a result of an acquisition in 2005 when a capital investor acquired Metso Drives. Before that the company was incorporated in Metso's service agreements.

"After having separated from Metso we conducted a competitive bidding on IT. We decided to pursue our collaboration with Fujitsu and further expand it. Moventas business has since expanded and grown more international while the supportive role of IT has accentuated. In August last year, we launched negotiations on expanding our agreement. Based on the negotiations, we re-defined our service concept. Going through that process, Fujitsu was our obvious choice for supplier, because our cooperation has been a positive experience throughout", CIO Simo Nivala of Moventas says.

The Patja helpdesk service for Moventas operates 24/5. On-site support covers all sites in Finland and abroad. Both LAN and WLAN of Moventas are managed by Fujitsu. Fixed data communications will be stretched out to all Moventas sites and updated to be faster.

Telephony services include a VoIP solution, switchboard service, device lifecycle services and encryption. Mobile users benefit from Fujitsu push mail and a mobile IP service.

The agreement also encompasses global product services, Flexim access control as well as SAP financials services, including hardware, maintenance, monitoring and management services and development.

"Along with the renewed agreement we get a globally standardised workstation environment that will facilitate maintenance and the deployment of new applications. We will be deploying the Microsoft Outlook email system and the Moss services. These activities require staff training for which we will harness Fujitsu's Trim skills development services, also incorporated in our agreement”, Simo Nivala says.

Patja is already up and running at Moventas sites in Finland and will be supplemented by the new services during the autumn. The company's international sites will be included in the service in stages, by the turn of the year at the latest.

Further information:
Simo Nivala, CIO, Moventas, tel. +358 40 5465 874
Pekka Manninen, regional director, Fujitsu, tel.+358 45 7880 1705
Satu Pelttari, press contacts, tel.+358 45 7880 9624, satu.pelttari(at)

Moventas is one of the leading experts in mechanical power transmission. The company designs, manufactures and markets mechanical power transmission solutions and services for the process and energy industries. In 2007 Moventas generated net sales of 291 million euros, representing 40% growth from the previous year. The company has over 1300 employees in Finland, Germany, Sweden, Canada, the USA, Singapore and China. European private equity investor IK Investment Partners holds the majority of the shares in Moventas.
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Date: 09 syyskuuta, 2008