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  7. Finland Fujitsu to assume maintenance of the OP-Pohjola group's office system

Finland Fujitsu to assume maintenance of the OP-Pohjola group's office system

Fujitsu Services Oy

toukokuuta 20, 2008

The OP-Pohjola group and Fujitsu Services Oy have entered into a service agreement whereby Fujitsu will assume partial responsibility for the maintenance and development of the group's bank service systems. Fujitsu will apply its Sohva software partnership model in implementing the services.

A high-quality office system is vital for a bank. It executes every activity behind the counter, such as card and consumer financing services, saving services, CRM systems, payment transactions, capital management services etc.

”Without a properly functioning office system, a bank will soon be out of business," says department head Ilpo Antikainen of OP-Keskus.

”The office system is vital for us and therefore we wanted to make sure that competent professionals are available to us at all times for system maintenance and for implementing our development projects. Having a partner provides us with flexible resources and frees up our own staff to other activities," Antikainen continues.

”We opted for Fujitsu's Sohva service, because the company is competent in this particular type of systems and has solid experience of the finance industry in general. This is a win-win situation for both of us. We had a need and Fujitsu happened to have just the right kind of professionals available to fulfil it for us," Antikainen sums up.

Further information:
Department head Ilpo Antikainen, OP-Keskus, Tel. +358 40 583 7006
Director Tuija Keronen, Fujitsu, Tel. 045 7880 1501

OP-Pohjola Group is the largest financial services group in Finland. It comprises the independent member cooperative banks and the Group's statutory central institution, OP Bank Group Central Cooperative with its subsidiaries and affiliated companies. Pohjola Bank plc is the largest subsidiary of the Central Cooperative. The Group offers a comprehensive selection of banking, investment and insurance services to private individuals as well as to corporate customers. The Group has more than four million customers and almost 12,500 employees in Finland. At the end of 2007, its total assets were about EUR 66 billion. The Group has a network of about 630 branch offices covering the whole of Finland. Read more at:

Date: 20 toukokuuta, 2008