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  7. Finland Fujitsu first to be granted certificate for IT services management system

Finland Fujitsu first to be granted certificate for IT services management system

Fujitsu Services Oy

huhtikuuta 02, 2008

On April 2, 2008, ICT services provider Fujitsu Services Oy was awarded the certificate ISO/IEC20000-1:2005 which is an international IT management standard. Fujitsu is the first holder of the certificate in Finland and presumably in the Nordic countries as well.

The standard incorporates the principles of the ITIL® (ITIL® is a Registered Trade Mark of AXELOS Limited) (IT infrastructure library) best practices, both in terms of terminology and central framework. The certificate ensures coherent execution of an organisation's ITIL® (ITIL® is a Registered Trade Mark of AXELOS Limited) processes with cost efficiency and excellence.

”The certificate is an indication of the quality and level at which we are capable of producing our services. We have been consistently developing our processes and methods for years now. Customers are already aware of this certificate and know to ask for it. Now we are able to prove that Fujitsu's IT services comply with the requirements of the standard after having been reviewed by an independent certification company and that the services will also retain the high quality, as they will be re-evaluated on a yearly basis," says CEO Yrjänä Ahto of Fujitsu.

ISO/IEC20000-1 comprises 170 requirements of which the operation an organisation must show proof of. In particular, the requirements concern the planning and deployment of services as well as service production processes, but also their development and management system.

”Good intentions and nice words don't cut it to receive this certificate. You have to present solid evidence of your competence. In a three stage certification process, Inspecta Certification interviewed dozens of Fujitsu specialists from our helpdesk team to our top executives," Development Manager Miia Lähdes of Fujitsu says.

The target of the certification was one of Fujitsu's comprehensive Patja accounts with the related IT infrastructure services. Fujitsu's application services will be next subjected to the certification process.

Further information:
Development Manager Miia Lähdes, Fujitsu, tel. + 358 45 7880 9557
Press contacts: Satu Pelttari, Fujitsu, tel. + 358 45 7880 9624, satu.pelttari(at)

Date: 02 huhtikuuta, 2008