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  7. Finland The Body Shop Finland Continues with Fujitsu's In-Store Systems

Finland The Body Shop Finland Continues with Fujitsu's In-Store Systems

Fujitsu Services Oy

maaliskuuta 27, 2007

The Body Shop has 32 stores in Finland. The newest store in Ideapark Lempäälä was opened in December 2006.

Cosmetics company The Body Shop Finland (Bodim Port Oy) and IT services supplier Fujitsu Services Oy have signed a renewed agreement on the delivery of an in-store system to the Body Shop stores in Finland. In addition to the GlobalSTORE point-of-sales software the agreement covers the StoreCENTER back end system, communications and continued services. Fujitsu bears the overall responsibility for the entire system.

Fujitsu collaborates with The Body Shop chain internationally as well. In Finland the partnership is more extensive whereas in other countries it mainly involves only equipment and systems.

The backbone of Fujitsu's solution to The Body Shop Finland is the GlobalSTORE point-of-sale server which is utilised at every outlet. Both store-specific and chain level data is centrally maintained in the StoreCENTER system which can be accessed from the outlets, too. StoreCENTER also functions as a nodal point through which the stores and different back end systems communicate with each other. This enables, for example, the monitoring of sales data at the outlets, which for its part enhances overall monitoring and planning.

"Fujitsu's service levels and the functionality of our in-store systems have met our needs. Our franchisees across the country have reported us that the system has been functioning as expected. In other words, the system is working well, which made it easy for us to renew the agreement," says General Manager Aarno Pohtola of The Body Shop.

"Continuous and well-oiled point-of-sales operation is the single most crucial thing for a franchising company. Besides this, real-time sales monitoring provides us with good tools for more efficient chain control. Competition in our industry is tough, so we must use whatever means we can," Pohtola continues.

The Body Shop chain has been using Fujitsu's in-store solutions since the beginning of 2003.

Further information:
General Manager Aarno Pohtola, Bodim Port Oy, tel. + 358 9 8563 4857
Account Manager Kari Korhonen, Fujitsu, tel. + 358 45 7880 3236
Press Contacts: Satu Pelttari, Fujitsu, tel. + 358 45 7880 9624

The Body Shop is a global manufacturer and retailer of beauty and cosmetics products. The company now has over 2,100 stores in 55 countries. The first store in Finland was opened in 1981, where it currently has 32 outlets of which the importer Bodim Port Oy owns 21, while the remaining 11 are independent subfranchise stores. The company's head office and warehouse are located at Herttoniemi in Helsinki. The chain employs approximately 120 people in Finland, of which 100 work for Bodim Port Oy. The Finnish importer Bodim Port Oy's net sales for financial year that ended in March 2007 amounts to 11 million euros. For more information:

Date: 27 maaliskuuta, 2007