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  7. Finland Satama to tap into Fujitsu’s Patja service and server capacity

Finland Satama to tap into Fujitsu’s Patja service and server capacity

Fujitsu Services Oy

joulukuuta 12, 2007

Marketing technology services company Satama Interactive Oyj and ICT services provider Fujitsu Services Oy have signed an agreement regarding IT infrastructure services. The services will be implemented within Fujitsu’s Patja managed service framework, covering server capacity, availability, maintenance and support services on Satama’s 450 computers. Along with the agreement, two members of Satama’s on-site support staff will transfer to Fujitsu.

Satama has Finnish locations in Helsinki, Tampere and Turku, and international operations in Amsterdam, Düsseldorf and Stockholm.

Fujitsu will first implement an extensive consolidation project on nearly one hundred Satama servers. Eventually this will lead to a fully service-based procurement of server capacity. The Fujitsu-managed server environment will, among other things, incorporate Satama’s BLARP growth management system (Business Live Action Role Play). It is Satama’s cornerstone product that is expected to generate hundreds of customers and thousands of end users around the world.

”We believe that later on our service supplier will make more money by managing the BLARP service than with this Patja agreement,” says CEO Jarmo Lönnfors of Satama.

Satama will to some extent have to adjust its existing processes to align with the Patja service model. However, the deployment of the service will be facilitated by the solid IT knowledge in the company, and by its IT environment which is already largely standardised.

”The biggest change is that from now on our people have to pick up the phone and call the helpdesk instead of grabbing their computer and heading to the on-site support ,” says CIO Teemu Saikkonen of Satama.

”In terms of our business, this seems to be an apt moment to make changes and carry out development projects. Getting server capacity as a service will improve our risk management and bring cost savings. Remote helpdesk will increase speed, agility, efficiency and cut costs. We chose Patja, because Fujitsu has the best processes to offer as well as a long experience and a bunch of great references,” Saikkonen sums up.

The Patja start-up project is under way and the service will be in full speed by the end of April.

Further information:
CEO Jarmo Lönnfors, Satama, Tel. + 358 (0)207 581 581
Director Tuija Keronen, Fujitsu, Tel. + 358 (0)45 7880 1501
Press contacts: Satu Pelttari, Fujitsu, Tel. + 358 (0)45 7880 9624, satu.pelttari(at)

Satama Interactive Plc is a marketing technology services company. The company’s strength lies in combining marketing with knowledge work expertise and technology. Our services portfolio focuses on three core business areas: Marketing, Productivity and Mobility. There are 370 experts in the Satama Group. We are based in Finland in Helsinki, Tampere and Turku, and in Amsterdam, Dusseldorf and Stockholm. Satama’s net sales in 2006 were EUR 35.8 million. Satama Interactive Plc (SAI1V) shares are listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange.
Further information:

Date: 12 joulukuuta, 2007