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  7. Finland Kyro's Turn to Outsource IT Infrastructure to Fujitsu's Patja Service

Finland Kyro's Turn to Outsource IT Infrastructure to Fujitsu's Patja Service

Fujitsu Services Oy

maaliskuuta 20, 2007


Kyro's customer Gulf Glass Industries, has delivered glass for Burgan Bank Tower in United Arab Emirates.

Kyro Corporation, an international manufacturer of glass processing machines, is handing over its IT infrastructure services to Fujitsu Services Oy's responsibility. The agreement covers all in all 930 workstations, half of which are located outside Finland.

Fujitsu will be delivering its standard Patja service, including IT infrastructure services, workstation support and the management of some 55 servers. The agreement incorporates continuous global maintenance of Kyro's basic IT infrastructure at all the company's offices, including plants and sales offices located abroad. Along with the agreement, two IT professionals will transfer from Kyro to Fujitsu's payroll.

Kyro was seeking to streamline its IT infrastructure across the entire corporation. Its goal was to establish standard infrastructure service, managed from Finland in a centralised manner. Support activities at separate offices have been reduced to minimum.

”Fujitsu has by far the most full-fledged and well-proven concept. The Patja service focuses on the essential, which is delivering services for business needs, while leaving the actual responsibility of producing them to some of the best experts in the field. Fujitsu was capable of presenting us with the most credible operating model, particularly when examined from the international perspective," says CIO Harri Karjalainen of Kyro.

The Patja service will be able to provide its most tangible benefits to Kyro once the shared IT infrastructure platform will be built for the entire international corporation. The platform will allow the development of global business application solutions and the deployment of new services. Kyro also aims strongly at ensuring application availability and consistent IT service levels at all units of the corporation.

”We believe that the Patja service will enable us also to control our IT costs much better and thereby bring us significant cost savings in the long run," Karjalainen adds.

Further information:
CIO Harri Karjalainen, Kyro Corporation, tel. + 358 50 3832 923
Sales Manager Juha Jokinen, Fujitsu, tel. + 358 50 670 48
Press Contacts Satu Pelttari, Fujitsu, tel. + 358 45 7880 9624

Kyro Corporation is a financially solid and growing international technology group. Its main business area Glaston Technologies is the global market leader in glass processing machines. Glaston has over 30 offices worldwide as well as machine manufacturing in five different countries. Tamglass Glass Processing is the leading supplier of comprehensive architectural glass solutions in Finland and neighbouring areas. The Group's Energy business consists of the environmentally friendly, local energy producer Kyro Power. Kyro's net sales in 2006 totalled 268.9 million euros, and it employed 1,210 people at the end of the year. Kyro is listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange. Kyro will become Glaston Corporation on 1 June 2007. More information at,

Date: 20 maaliskuuta, 2007