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  7. Finland Fujitsu to Supply Extensive SAP System to Vaahto Group

Finland Fujitsu to Supply Extensive SAP System to Vaahto Group

Fujitsu Services Oy

tammikuuta 02, 2007

Fujitsu Services Oy and Vaahto Group Plc, a Finnish supplier of high-quality implementations of technology and consulting services for the process industry, have entered into an agreement on supplying a comprehensive SAP system for Vaahto Group's enterprise resource planning and financial management.

According to the agreement, Fujitsu will supply the ERP system to Vaahto Group's parent company and four subsidiaries in Finland. SAP will replace the previous separate systems in the companies. In addition to financials, the system will among other things incorporate production and order management, project management, logistics and quality management.

The parties also agreed upon the provision of a required hardware environment as a service, application services and SAP licenses.

"Vaahto Group is globalising fast. Our largest market is currently in East Asia, particularly in China. A world-class ERP system will magnificently support our globalising process, as it is easy to implement on a global scale. It is of great advantage that the same integrated system manages several functions, such as project management, logistics and the management of subcontractor network," says CEO Antti Vaahto of Vaahto Group.

"We selected Fujitsu as our supplier, because our important criteria included both industry and system knowledge. Also, the supplier had to be of sufficient size and international status. Out of three bidding companies Fujitsu best fulfilled these requirements," Antti Vaahto explains.

Further information:
Director Pertti Mäkitalo, Fujitsu, tel. +358 45 7880 5882
IT Manager Virpi Björkman-Kuolimo, Vaahto Group, tel. +358 201 880 357

Vaahto Group is a globally operating high technology company serving process industry in the fields of pulp and paper machinery and process machinery. The parent company of the group has been listed on the I-list of the Helsinki Stock Exchange since 1988. The group's net sales for fiscal 2005-2006 amounted to 65,4 million euros, and the average staff headcount was 410.

Date: 02 tammikuuta, 2007